How to Leverage Mobile Apps to Market Your Business?

Today in this modernistic world, almost every individual is resorting to their mobile devices in order to make transactions online. Be it small-scale business entrepreneurs or large sized business units, everyone is performing online transactions, like buying selling marketing etc.

The need of the hour, therefore, is to develop a mobile app for your business and promote it through the same using multifarious ways. In fact, doing business online can be a boon for all the working people where they can pay or earn on the spur of the moment. Here are some simple steps that you can opt for promoting your business online:


With social advertising, you can target your customers demographically and with interests. So if you are aware of your users having a mobile app, you can ensure that they are the ones who can visualize and click on your ads. For instance, with Facebook ads, you can be specific. For a sizable audience, advertising an app can greatly reduce the cost incurred and lead to higher returns.


If you need any kind of assistance for promotion of your mobile application you can surely resort to many agencies like APPULAR, APENCY etc which provide an array of marketing strategies right from the promotion, marketing, consultancy and PR, media management. All of these are constructed exclusively for promoting your business via the app and ensuring long-term success in projects.


Last year almost 1.5 billion smart phones were sold to the end users. This number has been a surging year by year. The majority of mobile apps are mainly targeted for providing brand marketing, promotion and customer engagement.

This can be visible from many examples like the one of AQUARIUM application PENGUIN NAVI augmented reality application. Similarly Chinese largest online grocery store made its inline mobile app where the supermarket, the parking and the catalogues were built virtually.

All the customers had to do it is just to tap on the app, select the items, pay cash and get their groceries delivered to their respective home addresses.

Such innovative and creative marketing strategies have been working very well especially in the USA and it is expected that customers would spend $200 million annually in 2017 over the same.


We consumers are not much acquainted with this particular strategy but there are lots of branded companies like LO’REAL and ABSOLUT who have adopted this kind of strategy. The internet of things is a very influential application which has been underestimated by the majority of users. A strong and solid marketing budget is also required if you are trying to promote your business via apps.


The Burberry app has launched and Apple TV which has expected to ship 25 million units worldwide. There are a variety of shows that have been broadcasted using this application like sports, makeup tutorials and many other high-quality video contents catering to the need of people of almost all age groups. ZILLOW is a company which has almost 27 million users every month and this company has benefited a lot using this application.

All the above ways can drastically improve your chances of building realistic business ideas to promote the same and can give radical results.

Mobile Apps to Market Your Business

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