How to make the most of the streaming music while in lockdown? 

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted a new wave of change, a form of lifestyle we had never contemplated before. Every day, in the lockdown, chained in homes and glued to our phones, we are anxious about the future and bored with the present time.

The only thing that keeps us going is the thought that someday this will end, and while we are at it, music surely proves to be an epitome of rejuvenation. In normal times too, music has always been our go-to option to release our stress and calm our minds. So without fail, during such times of crisis, we have left no stone unturned in exploring different forms of music while jamming to our favorite playlists. 

In the context of the musical trends, people in lockdown are in a slightly sober mood, according to Spotify stats. With the beginning of the mass ‘work from home’ concept, individuals have started to prefer Chill Tracks, Lo-Fi Beats, Romantic Acoustics, and Modern Chill Rock, and there is a preference for instrumentals over vocals. Trends also suggest that there is a high increase in the streaming of Indie music. 

Well, it is important that you not only stream music for fun but employ different tactics during the lockdown to make the most of it. Here are some things that are worth a try. Let’s give them a look, shall we?

Keep track of the current developments in the music industry

If you are an avid music streamer who likes to explore within genres, you need to keep a tab on the various campaigns and social activities run by music streaming apps. That will probably give you a chance to watch your favorite artist live even during the quarantine. For example, on March 29th, the  Indian music community and Instagram presented a virtual music festival called  ‘Live In Your Living Room.’

 The lineup was a blend of Indian musicians like  Armaan Malik, Naezy, and Lisa Mishra and international artists like Chris Martin, John Legend, and Keith Urban, who were a part of the ‘Together at home’ campaign which motivated people to stay at home and combat the pandemic.  

Gaana app also widened its music library and content for users and also posted a short video that portrays music as the tool to escape all the distracting elements. The world-famous app, Spotify, is also doing its bit by creating a growing list of organizations that are working to offer financial aid to the ones affected by the pandemic. 

Check out the greatest hits and classics of all time

If you wish to diversify your music collecting and streaming experience, you must do some research online over the top listed music charts of all time. It will not only give you access to the greatest hits and melodies of the music industry but display the journey of these pieces of art that have been streamed over timeless moments. 

To advance your search results, you can always classify your music into different genres like Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country Music, Heavy metal, which can be further subdivided into vocals, instrumental, or a combination of both. Another way to add beautiful music to your collection is by looking for tracks after segregating them by eras. 

You will also be able to notice the different trends while doing this and see how notes and beats have changed their courses from the ’90s until today in 2020. By engaging in such a study, you will not only fill the void of songs you always wanted to discover but also gain a critical understanding of the field of music. 

Check out the greatest hits and classics of all time

Social Media

It is quintessentially true that in today’s time, social media can achieve anything. Under this abstract banner of anything, music streaming is one of the largest roles played by social media. Since the advent of these digital media platforms, the music industry has transformed into a service-based industry from a product-based industry. 

Most of the popular music streaming apps allow you to connect your accounts to your social media platforms. This facilitates the sharing of music tracks with one tap so that you can have a look at the music preferences of others on your account. Quirky challenges like the ‘30 day song challenge’ on Instagram have gained extreme momentum, which assists you to check on 30 different songs by one singular person and borrow some of those albums to your collection. 

Musicians all over the world have used social media as the most effective method to connect with their fans and publicize their albums and performance tours. During this lockdown period,  many artists have conducted live video sessions either as a part of a fundraising campaign or a way to interact with their fan base by playing their most popular tunes. 

Social Media

Enhancing your collection with a little help from near and dear ones

All of us will have that one uncle who will be responsible for playing music at every family gathering and will make you sing along to the tunes. Or that one friend who keeps a tab on every musical trend and has the playlist that houses a song that matches every mood. Well, now is the time when these people will come handy. 

Their musical taste and knowledge about a variety of bands and singers will give you the best recommendations. Get hold of them and their playlist, it will surely diversify your song streaming adventure amidst quarantine. 

Lastly, help yourself out a bit

Sometimes you might not have to look for additional external help to stream quality music. Sometimes it can just be the way your mind works where you get together all your favorite songs and make a playlist out of it.  In such times, creativity does hit a different level, and in the end, you will be surprised to see all the tracks you have combined under one roof in your DIY playlist. Well, nothing is more fascinating and relaxing than a session of all your favorite songs playing from a single click without any interruptions. 

Lastly, help yourself out a bit


All in all, music is one of the most sought ways to divert our minds from the worldly tensions and soothe our anxiety. We are transported into a new world of meaningful lyrics and melodious tunes that help us to drift our minds away from the current situation of uncertainty. Thus, effective music streaming can allow you to gain access to newer artists and genres, along with a higher chance of new releases to be discovered. 

Hence, we hope this article helped you find your ways to gain the most out of music streaming while we are stuck in this monotonous lockdown. 

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