How to make the most of movie streaming during this pandemic

Almost close to three months since the lockdown, we are all in a pursuit to stay entertained and keep ourselves occupied in all possible ways. It gets difficult every day as everything around us seems to have taken a different turn, but we can be relieved that we have enough free time in our hands. It has become a daily affair to tick off every movie on your bucket list that you longed to binge-watch.

With many options available and various sources to stream, there might be a situation where you get confused on what to watch and how to watch. You must watch the right movie that not only matches your taste but also adds to your timeless movie streaming days.

Hence, we bring to you some simple ways that can revolutionize your movie streaming experience in this quarantine. Let’s explore them.

Social Media to your rescue


To enhance your movie collection, the best place to look out for is social media platforms. In this quarantine period, each person on your feed is exploring new things and is bound to share it through stories or posts.

You will find an overwhelming number of movie review pages by established critiques and amateurs that will give you a detailed outline of which movie you will enjoy watching. These pages will also provide you with adequate information on the storyline, characters, and even a rating on the movie quality. Thus, helping you to add meaningful movies to your collection.

Movie stars are using social media extensively to promote their upcoming releases and share their journey in the industry to uphold the connection with their fan base.

Apart from personal accounts, online movie streaming portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar have incredible social media strategies. They not only house a wide range of movies but extensively use their social media accounts to promote the content through engaging memes, stories, GIFs, and other relatable ideas.

Hence, surfing through these pages will provide you with an ideal set of movies.

Categorization is the key


If you wish to have an extensive movie collection and streaming experience, you have to follow a systematic procedure. The tool is first to recognize your interests and then bifurcate the movies in suitable categories.

To begin with, you can divide them based on language. Your streaming experience will be diversified if you gain cinematic experiences from different regions. You can further classify it into eras. It means your movie watching journey will have a mix of both the old and new ones, greatest classics from the times of the ’70s and ’80s to the latest range of modern films.

Further, another way to make a collection is by browsing through genres. You can delve deep into a variety of movies that range from crime, romance, thrillers, horror, or even documentaries.

Reach out to family and friends


Usually, we end up having the best experiences and choices on our plate when we listen to recommendations. We all have that friend who is a self-made movie expert and has seen every movie under the sun.

We also tend to have relatives who have a shelf full of movie CDs and tape stored for ages. This quarantine is the right time to catch hold of these acquaintances and get help for a fantastic movie-watching experience.

Connect with them and ask for a detailed review of the genres you want to explore, and you will have your inbox filled with recommendations.

Create your movie accounts for a better streaming experience


Most of the major movie banners have their own collections on online streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or Netflix. It is always recommended to avail of a subscription of these accounts at minimal rates.

They offer you a variety of movies across the globe, including all your classic favorites and new releases. With a single account, you and your family can share an enriching movie experience where you don’t need to spend your time in locating and downloading the movie. These services also ensure high-grade clarity and quality content.

Wifi streaming shall suit you better than downloading


You might always feel that downloading a movie on your laptop or computer is an efficient way to watch it. However, recent trends suggest that wifi streaming is a lot more compatible and easier.

It is because you save up a lot of storage on your device and can still enjoy the movie. Your device functions faster, and you save much time that you will supposedly spend on downloading the large movie file.

All you need is a secure wifi connection to continue with your movie watching venture without any worry of disruption of quality, virus entering your system through downloads, or any other technical issues.

Lastly, trust your instincts and dig deep into your collections

This quarantine, take a nostalgic trip with all the DVD’s you own in your house, all the movies you have downloaded and stored. It is your chance to make your movie list. In these free times, your creative instincts shall take a hit, and you will be able to find the movies you wish to stream and add to your golden collection.

Nothing is more satisfying than trusting your gut and watching a movie to end up loving it for the rest of your life. Hence, take a chance to assist yourself and make your streaming experience worthwhile and truly your own.


Movies are the best ways to help you relax your mind, divert your attention, and make you laugh and cry with the turn of events. Films inspire you and help you achieve a better perspective of the world around you.

They also educate you to become better people when we draw inspiration from our favorite characters. Thus, to achieve all these attributes, an essential factor is a beautiful movie streaming experience.

We hope this article was objective enough to help you make the most of your cinematic journey in this quarantine.

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