Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Multi-Featured Phone from Traditional Brand

Nokia is a mobile making brand which has introduced the people with the mobile technology when we were totally unknown to these things. In the career of 153 years, the company has tackled many challenges to add the high technology on the same sized mobiles. First, the company was using its own windows technology its mobiles, in addition, to add more features to its mobiles. But, with the change of time, adding android technology became very significant for every mobile making company. The Nokia has also  Introduced latest android versions with its present models.

Overview of Nokia 6.1 Plus

The Nokia has come up with the new muti-features phone named as Nokia 6.1 plus. This model of Nokia is added with all the latest technology. The mobile is added with the latest android version and fastest processing power of RAM which is eligible for working with the heavy software. the company has added many latest features which are being very popular amongst the people who want to remain in touch with the latest technology. This phone is made while taking the quality and design of the top priority. the sleek design of mobile is attracting its customers, it is easy to keep in hand as well as pocket and it looks impression making while keeping it in hand.

Overview of Nokia 6.1 Plus

Features Of  Nokia 6.1 Plus

RAM and Processor

This smartphone of Nokia runs on Android V1.8 (Oreo) operating system with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. The octa-core processor can reach ar he maximum speed of 1.8 GHz, while the graphics are handled with Adreno 509.  This mobile is coming with the two version with varied RAM power. The first is coming up with the RAM power of 4GB with the internal storage of 64 GB which can be expanded up to 400GB. Another version is coming with the RAM power of 6GB which is also added with the 64 GB of internal storage and addable storage of 400GB which is enough to store more than your expectations.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Display

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Display

Nokia mobile has always configured with normally sized displays which provides the best handling experience. This model of Nokia is mated with the display size of 5.8 inches which is FHD+IPS HD capacitive touchscreen with the resolution of 1080×2280 pixels. The display of mobile is added with scratchless guard glass which can resist the danger of a crash. The multi-touch facility is also added in order to make it more feature.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Camera

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Camera

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Camera

All the mobile companies are focusing on the camera feature of the mobiles. While buying a mobile, we all examine the camera and picture quality of the phone. The camera quality of Nokia has been impressive from all the time. The Nokia 6.1 plus has mated with the 12+5 megapixels camera on its front for shooting selfies. And, the rear camera is added with the 16 megapixels of picture quality. Both cameras are loaded with the features of autofocus, geo-tagging and face detection. The dual LED flash on both front and rear sided can make your evening memorable.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Connectivity

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Connectivity

The Nokia 6.1 plus has added with the connectivity feature of dual sim card ports. both of ports supports GSM+GSM technology with Nano sim cards. A micro SD slot is added in order to expand the internal memory of the phone. The Bluetooth, Wifi, and hotspot connections are added to get connectivity with the other devices. The GPS is added to trace the location of the mobile and also to find the ways while moving to an unknown place. It has also added with the FM radio to stay connected with the latest news and entertainment.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Security

Everyone is running through the security features in the mobiles to make privacy and keep their data secure. The company has added fingerprint sensor in the rear for unlocking the phone. You don’t have a need to remember or insert the password for unlocking the phone. You can set your fingerprint for unlocking the phone. The face detection sensors are also there to feature their role in adding more security while unlocking your phone.

Advantages of Nokia 6.1 Plus

  1. The RAM power of 4GB and 6GB is enough to handle the workload and multi-tasking. You can use this phone personally as well as professionally because this can handle heavy software and games very easily.
  2. The dual front camera has made while concentrating on the interest of people in making selfies and videos. the camera has added with the dual flash which enables you to catch pictures and videos even in the dark weather.
  3. You have no need to get a way of remembering and putting the password, again and again, the Nokia 6.1 plus is added with the fingerprint sensor in the rear which enables you to unlock your phone with a simple touch on the sensor.

Disadvantages of Nokia 6.1 Plus

  1. This phone has added with the battery power of 3060 MAh. in order to run the heavy software and games in the mobile. The battery of this mobile can disappoint you. This battery can run for a whole day while using it for a simple process, but it can not run for long while gaming and video streaming.
  2. The fingerprint sensors have a large advantage, on the other hand, it has a disadvantage too. One can unlock your phone by touching your finger on the sensor while you are sleeping. This can cause leakage of your personal data and files and it can turn into dangerous for your privacy.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Specifications

The Nokia has made this mobile for giving a tough competition to the other mobile making companies. All the features like Camera, RAM power, processing speed are having the attractive specifications to attract the users. The Vivo Y83 pro ha debuted yester in the market with the same price range. The camera of Nokia 6.1 plus is high than the camera quality of Vivo Y83 pro,  the Nokia has also got a lead in the Vivo Y83 pro considering battery power, processing, and RAM. so, it can be said that Nokia has added all features in this mobile which can make it capable of tackling with the upcoming challenges of the mobile market.

Final verdict and price

The Nokia 6.1 plus has configured with all the latest features which every professional need to tackle the challenges of his career. This phone has come up in the market with the price range of Rs. 15,999/- only. This phone is budget friendly and impression making, if we look at the features and configuration of this mobile, it is hoped that this mobile will make the ratings of the companies on top priorities.

Nokia 6.1 Plus

Rs. 15,999/-









Battery Life



  • Android One and no software bloat
  • Sleek and compact
  • Vibrant display
  • Great performance
  • Compact Design


  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Fingerprint magnet
Nokia 6.1 Plus Review

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