Nokia 9.3 – an innovative design to hit your market soon

Nokia has been one of the traditional manufacturers of mobile phones and with Nokia 9.3 they just prove it further that they indeed are one of the best. With years of experience and quality service, Nokia phones have proved to be a great seller in the market. The company launched the Nokia 9 PureView in 2018, and the device introduced the five-camera system that promised extensive image quality.

However, we still are awaiting the flagship phone under this banner. Sources have suggested that Nokia is going to be out with its new New Nokia 9.3. This device may be marketed as its flagship phone.

Hence, let’s take a sneak peek into all that we know about this phone.

Nokia 9.3 – Release date and Price

Nokia 9.3- 1

Sources suggest that the new model of Nokia, i.e. the Nokia 9.3 will be launched in the second half of 2020. The expected date is somewhere around August 2020, but certain sources also suggest that it might be probably launched in the IFA 2020, which takes place in September. Hence we expect the phone to be out most likely out between August and September. The expected price of the Nokia 9.3 is most likely to be Rs. 68,990. Things will be further clarified as we move closer to the release date.

What will the design be like?

There are a few minute details regarding the design which we can know and expect from this new model of the Nokia franchise. We know for a fact that like its previous version, the physical design will be equipped with a five-camera array on the rear side of the phone. However, it is hoped that the intricate design of the five-camera system will be built distinctly, that makes it unique to this phone.

Sources suggest that this model will have a concept that will be a look-alike of the Nokia Lumia 1020. This will bring back the retro feeling in this device effectively. We also highly expect that the camera array will be similar to the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.3 devices.

What can we expect from the display?

The Nokia 9.3 is expected to be launched with a screen size od 6.29 inches (15.98 cm) along with a Screen Resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. It is supposed to be equipped with a bezel-less display and protection of the screen by a Corning Gorilla glass. The display type is expected to be P-OLED along with a pixel density of 467 PPI. Lastly, it has a capacitive multi-touch touch screen. It is also set to have a refresh rate of 120Hz.

How will the camera look like?


The camera is expected to house a quad-camera setup with an image resolution of 12000 x 9000 pixels. It will house shooting modes like Continuous Shooting and High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR). It will empower autofocus along with LED flash. For excellent shooting, the resolution is expected to be a 108 MP main camera along with three 13 MP cameras. To enrich your pictures you can utilize settings of Exposure compensation and ISO control.

The camera also has additional features like Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, and Face detection. The franchise is expected to do away with the light system to inhabit a more conventionally multi-camera setup.  It is also speculated to OIS on the main camera.

To talk about the front camera, the setup will be a single camera. The resolution is expected to be a primary camera of 24 MP.

What are the performance and storage specifications to be like?

With a 6 GB RAM and with an architecture of 64 bit, the Nokia 9.3 is expected to deliver a promising speed and performance. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset along with an Octa-core (2.84 GHz, Single core, Kryo 585 + 2.42 GHz, Tri core, Kryo 585 + 1.8 GHz, Quad-core, Kryo 585) processor. It will also exhibit a graphic design of Adreno 650. It will work on an Android v10 (Q) operating system.

The storage is relatively sufficient with an internal memory capacity of 128 GB. However, the only drawback is that the memory capacity is not expandable.

What are the battery specifications and connectivity options?

The Nokia 9.3 is expected to have an efficient battery capacity of 4500 mAh. The battery type is Li-ion and is equipped with wireless charging. It promises a quick charging process to let you use for phone for longer hours. It is supported by a USB Type-C charger. The battery, however, is not user-replaceable

It is a phone with two nano sim cards, i.e. a dual sim phone. It is expected to be compatible with 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G connectivity options. The several other connectivity features attributed to the Nokia 9.3 include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volte, NFC, and more.

Does it have any special features?

 Finally, the Nokia 9.3 is designed to have an audio jack of 3.5 mm along with a loudspeaker to suit your musical needs. It has an effective fingerprint sensor that is positioned to be on-screen. Further, it is inhabited with several other powerful features that make the performance, speed, and quality highly commendable and worthy. These sensors include a Light sensor, a Proximity sensor, an Accelerometer, a Compass, and a Gyroscope.

Final Thoughts

The Nokia 9.3 is expected to knock our doors soon. With improved performance, top-class features, promising camera quality, intriguing design, and display along with neat specifications, this device is speculated to make a mark. It is hoped that this will be launched as the Flagship device of Nokia and is expected to receive a good response post its launch.

We are awaiting and anticipating the confirmed release date, and till then hope that this article has already given you meaningful information about this soon-to-be-launched device.

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