Notebag: Organize your Notes without getting distracted, on sale for just $13

TLDR: Notebag is a fully keyboard-compatible note-taking app that links all your knowledge and gets out of your way. Get the keyboard-compatible note-taking app, Notebag, for $12.99, a 23% savings.

Whether you’re in the middle of bingeing The Bold Type and have an epiphany or are doing research and need to jot down some critical notes, having to open a separate app can be a major inconvenience. By the time you open up another window, your thoughts could float out of your brain forever.

What you need is a note-taking app that makes it easy to organize all the disparate thoughts in your head without distracting you in the process. While there are many on the market, the fully keyboard-compatible new app Notebag is giving those more well-known apps a run for their money.

With Notebag you can use it to jot down your ideas, make checklists, or sort out research — practically anything you would normally do on a note-taking app — without ever opening another app or your browser. With a global shortcut, you can actually start typing your notes when they come to mind. It’s built to be there when you need it and carefully hide away when you don’t. Or in other words, it won’t disrupt your train of thought.

Completely navigable by keyboard and compatible with pretty much any computer, Notebag includes a host of useful features, from note linking to instant previewing. You can categorize and organize your notes by adding a simple hashtag, search for any previous note from a single word or phrase, and link your notes to make your knowledge contextual. You can even get an instant preview as you type.

Notebag has earned 500 upvotes & #1 Product of the Day badge on Product Hunt. Get Notebag for only $12.99 (regularly $16.99) and keep the flow going.

Prices are subject to change.


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