Turn Your Website Into a Social Community, Instantly With Now4real

TLDR: Now4real instantly transforms your website(s) into an online community where all your visitors can chat with each other real-time. Get Now4real lifetime deal at just $29.00.

Alternative to: Chatwee

Your website visitors are going to bounce in less than 5 seconds, unless you engage them well.

Well, that’s not the real challenge. How do you make the users come back to your website again & again without having to spend a penny on remarketing ads?

One way is to publish more content, but how do you notify your recent content to those who bounced back & probably not visiting your website again?

What if I tell you that there’s a way you can get your visitors to come back over & over, without you having to do anything…

Now4real connects people who are on the same web page at the same time, by adding live group chats and real-time presence counters to your website.

Now4real can be easily integrated into your website using the ready-to-use widget.

And, the ready-made widget can be customized to match your brand colors, and you can choose the location of the chat widget

With the Now4real’s well-documented API, Sky’s the limit for customizing the user experience on your website

The easiest way to add Now4real to your website pages is to add a single line of code on the Header.

Once the widget is live, your visitors would see the no. of people viewing the page they are on in real-time.

The page counter shows how many people are in the foreground – not the ones who left the page or just opened in one of their tabs (I am typing this on my 25th tab. So I won’t be counted :-/)

And when the user’s attention comes back to your website, the number goes up again, like I said earlier… REAL-TIME.

Now think of your E-commerce store (or) a membership site, where you’ve Now4real widget installed with their SSO (Single Sign-On) configured.

Your existing happy customers can chat with new visitors easily. There’s no better marketing than “Word of Mouth”, and it could not get any better than this.

And you, the Admin is going to monitor them all from your Exclusive Dashboard.

The dashboard also helps you monitor the user hours a.k.a watch time, concurrent viewers, chats etc. & moderate them from the backend.

You can also link more domains/subdomains and manage them to match site settings with the existing topology.

You can access the chat transcripts from the last 12 months and ban/manage users as & if needed.

Customers are paying Now4real $108 per year to use the Premium plan (SSO costs extra), to use the tool on every domain, capped at 2,000 hours per month.

Being a Genie-Us, you can avail the same plan with 5,000 viewing hours per month & 2 domains, for just $29 on a lifetime deal.

You can stack up to 5 codes and get 50,000 viewing hours per month for Unlimited Domains & Sub-domains for a lifetime.

With Now4real you can create instantly engaging communities where your visitors & customers can connect, and communicate with each other easily.

Normally you would pay up to $1050/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $29 one-time.

Buy Now4real @ Just $29 (Save Upto 95%)


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