Get this Marketing Automation Tool to help you Personalize Customer Interaction for Just $59

TLDR: Web-based marketing automation platform that lets businesses improve customer engagement with push notifications, messaging, and more. Get OmniKick lifetime deal at just $59.

Don’t JUST send emails & push notifications to your audience, send them AT THE RIGHT TIME, personalize EVERYTHING, and grow your email list like never before with elegant exit-intent automation!

If yes then you’ll love the ease of setting up your email marketing, lead generation, and push notifications automation for your website.

Switching between communication platforms, exit-intent software, list building pop up software, automation software, creating new connections using Zapier, going back and forth takes a lot of time, how many hours does it take you to create a single campaign just for everything to sync together?

Want to save countless hours of time to do other things, like making more money by updating your audience, growing your subscribers, running promotions, and more?

OmniKick gives you complete marketing automation tools to help you personalize every customer interaction, maximize your customer lifetime value, and reduce cart abandonment.

Web-based marketing automation tools that let small businesses deliver automated push notifications to customers during triggered events such as blog updates, abandoned carts, and more.

Why Omnikick?

All Your Marketing Channels in a Singel Platform!

With OmniKick, you’ll exceed customers’ expectations. OmniKick’s omnichannel platform is easy to use. Interact with customers via email, SMS, Push Notifications, and Facebook Messenger without leaving the platform.

Get this Marketing Automation Tool to help you Personalize Customer Interaction for Just $59 2

Learn more on how these channels can help you grow your business:

1. Email

OmniKick enables anyone to create beautifully-designed newsletters. It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer or a complete newbie, we provide you with pre-built email templates you can edit to fit your needs. Our design interface is easy to use. You can quickly add elements like texts, images, buttons, etc. to your newsletter.

2. Push Notifications

Don’t wait for potential customers to visit your website. Meet them right inside their web browsers by sending them Push Notifications. Push Notifications are powerful and effective. And you also don’t have to worry about falling into the spam folder.

3. Facebook Messenger

You can build a conversational chatbot in minutes with an Omnikick codeless visual chatbot builder.

4. SMS

SMS is one of the most reliable ways to reach customers quickly. It has a 95% read rate within 15 minutes of delivery. That’s why we’ve created a powerful feature in OmniKick that lets businesses reach their customers through SMS.

5. Facebook Ads

By integrating OmniKick with Facebook Custom Audiences, you can automatically add and remove prospects from your Facebook’s custom audiences. All that is possible inside OmniKick using Omni Workflows. With this functionality, you can start, stop, or change ads people see based on their actions.

#1 OmniChannel Marketing Automation Platform for Enterprise, Agency & SMBs

  • CONNECT – Connect your customers across all major marketing channels, at scale.
  • ANALYZE – Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what drives them.
  • PERSONALIZE – Personalize every message you send, and show when they visit on your website.
  • ENGAGE – Create seamless & delightful customer experiences across channels.
  • OPTIMIZE – Make your tomorrow’s marketing strategy better than today.

Automate all your campaigns through smart personalized emails, push notifications, and list building tools.

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited automation
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited popups
  • Unlimited Exit Intents
  • Unlimited Broadcasting
  • Facebook custom ads workflow
  • All future features included

The Coming Soon List:

  • Unlimited SMTP Email sends (Sept 20th)
  • Unlimited Omni-bots (Dec)
  • White label (Dec-Jan)
  • Unlimited Omni-bot messages (DEC)
  • Unlimited SMS (April)


1 coupon code = 6k contacts $59

2 coupon codes = 12k contacts $118

3 coupon codes = 18k contacts $177

4 coupon codes = 24k contacts $236


5 coupon codes = 30k contacts & 5 sub-accounts $295

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7 coupon codes = 42k contacts & 20 sub-accounts $413

8 coupon codes = 48k contacts & 30 sub-accounts $472

9 coupon codes = 54k contacts & 40 sub-accounts $531

*Each sub-account includes 3k contacts

A sexy product roadmap you can get behind and support.

OmniKick has been around for years and will be helping to build your business for many more with a battle-tested team and future feature roadmap that’s just mouth-watering.

Here’s just SOME of what you can expect to have in the very near future:

  • A.I. Omni-bot
  • SMS text messaging
  • Webhooks
  • An open API
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Adding Team members
  • White Label
  • More, so much more…

Check out the public roadmap and upvote for features you would like to see => HERE


90k contacts & 50 sub-accounts $590 LIMITED TIME OFFER!!

Today, you can get the OmniKick lifetime deal in just $59/one-time & use the product forever.

Omnikick Lifetime Deal

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