Super fun online games to play this quarantine

Not being able to meet friends, socialize at outdoor gatherings, travel in crowds, have house parties or a games night are some of the rules we have adopted in this pandemic. However, even though we are practicing social distancing, our phone calls, Facetime or Zoom calls with friends and family have ensured that we do not remain socially distant.

Well, just to spice up your video calls and chats a bit, you can conduct a virtual games night where you play some fun online games and re-live the moments. Hence, we bring to you some chosen games you can either try online or on their app versions to have an entertaining time. Let’s take a look.

Fun online games to play this quarantine



Designed based on the original tabletop game, this online version of codenames looks and works exactly the same. In fact, for people who are new to this, this game is made easier and simpler online as it involves almost no shuffling of cards.

The game works as follows. To begin with, the players are divided into two teams Red and Blue. One player from each team acts as a spymaster and provides clues to the words the teams wish to decode and figure out.

The rule is spymasters cannot reveal to the teammates the exact word that is displayed on the screen but can give clues in the form of relative or words or synonyms. The key is to keep guessing more and more words correctly so that you can never lose your turn and eventually win. Remember to never guess the black card as it brings an immediate loss.

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The next game to be included on this list of online games is the recent classic game called Psych. This game is only available as an application on either Android or iOS. It offers excellent connectivity and is a super fun game to connect with your friends on a fun night. The game is very simple.

It is a basic trivia game that includes topics from about anywhere and any period in time. It is listed in the form of multiple-choice questions. The truth is that there will be one correct answer amidst all the false answers creatively curated by other players.

This game benefits both the correct and wrong answers. By this we mean, the players who guess the right answer obviously earns points. But the player whose creative false answers get picked the most also earns points.

Thus, this is the fun twist in the game where you have to knock your brains and come up with witty, creative, and aptly sounding answers to gain the most points.

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Jackbox Games


These are one of the oldest and most recommended online games to have a virtual party. These games a variety of options under the Jackbox Pack. It has games like trivia, drawing games, Fibbage, Quiplash and many more. These games are not only entertaining and engaging but also extremely easy in their setup.

Once the games are downloaded and setup, you can start a video call with your mates and share your screen. All the players need to do is go the website and enter the four-digit code through their phones. Once the players have entered the game lobby, all you need to do is hit the button to start your fun games night. Any game can house more than two players. However, each game has its own player cap and other specifications.

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To all the artists and drawing enthusiasts, if you miss flaunting your perfect strokes in Pictionary, this is the ideal online game for you. To all the people who are great at their guessing stunts, this is an ideal game for you too.

The words usually are easy to draw, but as it always happens, there will be some easy to guess creative drawings and some out of the blue terrible drawings. The game is super easy to join too, all you need to send the game link and everyone and anyone can join. You don’t even need any Zoom meeting or any video call platform to play this game.

The fun bit is that the game also becomes competitive and tough, as it is based on points. Thus, whoever gets the correct answer the quickest, ends up being on the top of the table.

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This a very famous social deduction game that can be enjoyed online. It involves easy negotiations and is very straightforward in nature. The game revolves around the aim of each player, trying to figure out and find the roles and locations of other players, while tactfully ensuring they themselves don’t get caught.

This is usually done by asking and probing the other players provoking questions like “do you clean in here?” or some other similar questions. The main idea is very simple. You have to catch others without getting caught.

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This is one of the most entertaining video-calling apps as it not only lets you connect with your peers and family but also offers to you a set of games you can play through this app. Thus, you can easily hang out in front of the camera, have a normal video call, and spice it up with the in-app games. This app allows eight people to video call in the same room.

Houseparty has a few games, that may look limited but can guarantee, unlimited fun. It has games like the very popular and classic game of Heads Up, the quiz game of Trivia, Chips, and Guac, which is a similar version of Cards against Humanity, and a similar version of Pictionary called Quick Draw.

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Video calls, today are all about re-living the old memories, virtually seeing your close one’s faces, and talking about all the future plans you will carry out when the quarantine is over. So why not, add to the fun with these online games to make it up for missing out on the physical games’ night.

These games host great quality and visual experience, and will almost give you the same feeling of playing them physically. We hope you had a good time playing these games with your family and friends.

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