Top online Learning Platforms in India

With the outbreak of the Global Pandemic, many students and their parents were faced with a similar issue, “How to continue studies?” but thanks to online learning platforms! Students can continue interactive learning with some of the best teachers in the world. Many people who got a sudden prolonged holiday were confused about making use of their time in a productive manner.

For such people, there are many learning platforms that offer certificate and diploma courses. These online learning platforms have been functioning in India for a very long time. With time, they are also modifying and introducing new methods to keep in touch with their students. From interactive live sessions to interesting videos and quizzes, these platforms are emerging out as student’s and parent’s combined choices.

Such platforms come up with packages not only for school going students but also for certificate course learners. They emerge out coaching platforms for students preparing for various competitive exams. Let us have a look at some top online learning platforms in India.

Best Online Learning Platforms

Khan Academy


Khan academy is one of the oldest learning platforms. It was started in 2006 by Mr. Salman Khan. The Khan Academy is a Non-Governmental organization that provides education to students worldwide in 36 different languages. The teaching of Mr. Khan is very lucid and some of his short lectures are also present there on Youtube.

The base language is English. Mr. Khan was listed among “The Time 100 Most Influential People” in the Year 2012. Khan Academy focuses on various subjects including History, Economics, Physics, Science, Mathematics, and many more. Khan Academy has also collaborated with NASA, MIT, The California Academy of Sciences, and The Museum of Modern Art so they can introduce some specialized courses.

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Unacademy is an online learning company that was started by Doctor and UPSC Topper Roman Saini. The app focuses on proving guidance and coaching to the aspirants preparing for various Competitive exams like UPSC, JEE, NEET, etc. Earlier, the app was all about video courses by some of the educators but now the app has come up with Plus Courses which are live sessions.

These sessions are paid. Along with paid Plus courses, some special classes which are live and free for students have also been introduced. Recently, Unacademy has also started video courses for PSC aspirants of various states. The company is full of educators and the learners have a choice to learn from any of them. Also, the company recruits a large number of educators. So, it is easy for aspirants to become educators with Unacademy if they satisfy some criteria of the company.

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Byju’s is an app created by Byju Raveendran. This smartphone app comes up with various interactive and animated videos for the kids. The company has different plans for a different level of students. The app has been associated with Disney for their app specifically designed for students of Class 1-3 called Disney Byju’s.

The app not only comes up with learning material for school students but also helps the aspirants preparing for CAT, GMAT, and UPSC. Byju’s premium course includes a tablet in which all the videos can be seen offline. The live classes from various teachers are also part of the pack. Apart from this, Byju also sends relevant notes and booklets to the students who have purchased their course.

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Meritnation is an old brand in this field. It provides learning material to the school students and students preparing for JEE/NEET. Meritnation comes up with the premium pack in which students can also get access to live classes by teachers if they purchase a relevant pack. Meritnation also makes the study easy by providing notes and animated videos-based courses. The students can take tests and check their understanding. Meritnation also sends the hardcopy of notes to the students.

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Open Yale Courses


Open Yale Courses is an initiative taken by Yale University to provide students access to many courses worldwide. Some Introductory courses are free of cost. This platform was established back in the year 2007 and till now it has 42 courses which are funded by Willian and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The learners can also watch the recorded videos of lectures at Yale University without even registering on their website. Such lectures are not only available in video format but also in audio, text, and transcript format.

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My Captain


My Captain is an IIM Banglore initiative to provide learners with certificate courses related to their hobbies, career, and some courses of general learning. The platform includes workshops for a lot of courses in which a mentor is assigned to a group of mentees.

The mentor takes regular live sessions of the mentees, clear their doubts, and also give them assignments. The best part about this platform is that all the mentors are themselves young achievers who guide learners who are mostly in turn, of their age group. Finally, a certificate is provided to the learners at the end of the workshop. Also, the company has been recognized by the United Nations. So, the certificate bears that remark as well.

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Vedantu is an Indian online Education platform that comes up with live classes for the school students and the students preparing for JEE and NEET. It also focuses on various Olympiads like NTSE and KYPY.  The platform was started by three IITian friends but today it has become one of the most interactive platforms for both students and the teachers. The reason is that it supports two-way features of audio, texts, and Video. The paid plan of Vedantu is very helpful to the students who generally look for tuition classes along with their school.

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Educomp Solutions


Educomp Solutions is an old company which played a very important role in bringing a revolution in the traditional learning system of India. It is a Gurgaon based company which was established back in 1994. It has ranked among the best online learning companies in India and around 65,000 schools are connected with it. Educomp Solutions comes up with four different kinds of learning segments for the students which are School Learning Solutions (SLS), Online, supplemental and Global business (OSG), Higher Learning Solutions (HLS), and K-12 Schools. In all four categories, the platform has been able to achieve a huge number of learners.

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Toppr is an online learning platform that is created by keeping school students in mind. It provides good quality courses to K-12 students. It creates a time table for the students so they do find any difficulty in attending their classes and can be aware of it. The platform also comes up with a feature of live classes which is very helpful to the students in learning.

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Final Words

With the changing times, our society is moving towards advancement. Even in the field of Education, there came various changes. These online sources for learning are beautifully supplementing the traditional learning system. There are many free platforms while some are paid but those which are paid are worth paying.

The online learning platforms are boon to passionate learners who can not find enough time to take an offline certificate or diploma courses. Also, the students in the need for tuition classes can look upon such platforms. Though the platforms are very interactive yet there is a scope for improvement. Finally, we can hope for more user-friendly techniques and innovative advancements in the field of online education in such a way that it would become accessible to everyone.

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