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4 Reasons to Partner with a Mobile App Development Firm

According to Red Hat’s 2015 Mobile Maturity Survey, at least 90% of the companies have implemented a mobile app strategy or have set aside funding to implement one.

Enterprise Mobility has become the buzzword for CIOs and CTOs who want to improve their operational efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience and achieve cost economy.

That said, building world-class mobile apps is not an internal affair. The resources (both time and people) requires for the process is beyond the capacity of most organizations. Hence, partnering with a mobile app development firm that is grounded on mobile technology is the right way forward.

Here are 4 reasons that prove why partnering with a mobile app development firm:

A growing talent pool

Mobile app development companies have a growing talent pool. They keep hiring developers with varying skillsets who can contribute to your app development process. Moreover, their talent pool ensures that you are able to switch developers when the app needs to be worked on another platform. There is no lock in with a particular group of developers.

Arsenal of technologies

Professional Android mobile app development companies give you the luxury to integrate the app with leading-edge technologies. Think Augmented Reality, BLE, geofencing among many others which can go inside your app and make it a unique offering amidst the millions infested app jungle.

Furthermore, an app development company can also suggest technologies that can augment the purpose which your app is trying to achieve. That is a rarity to expect from an in-house or even a freelance mobile app developer.

Professional Project Management

Mobile app development companies are made of well-laid structures. There is a project management officer or a tech lead who handles the entire process from scratch until launch. The project management ensures that milestones are reached on time and the app adheres to the preset project requirements.

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Virtual collaboration and continuous improvement is also a given when working with professional Android & iOS app development companies. This adds to the flexibility and convenience in monitoring progress by stakeholders.

Flexible models

Not one size fits all. The old adage fits perfectly for mobile app development too. What might seem perfect for a particular mobile app may not seem perfect for another. You may have to toggle between multiple models to have maximum flexibility in app development.

While startups and small scale app developers provide only minimal app development models, enterprise-grade mobile development firms can provide a wide-range of models including:

  • Retainer model
  • Staffs on hire
  • Project-based
  • Specific app modifications

These multiple models ensure that your business has the cost efficiency and flexibility to develop apps without being slowed down by a single available model.

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