Store, Secure & Share Passwords Across Your Team with PassCamp Lifetime Deal

TLDR: PassCamp makes it super simple to add new team members, manage access, and share and reset passwords! Get PassCamp lifetime deal at just $49.99.

Transitioning to a fully remote workforce opens an entire host of new challenges. Perhaps you got into a good groove in week one, but now issues are popping up left and right. Like sharing passwords for example. Without being able to turn to the person next to you, sharing passwords becomes more complicated and potentially dangerous. We’ve already seen hackers take advantage of security loopholes on Zoom, and who knows where else they may be lurking.

That’s exactly why it’s time to get a password manager like PassCamp Password Manager. It can help your remote team share passwords safely as well as make sure your passwords are strong and unique for every tool you use.

PassCamp was designed for teams from day one — long before the pandemic. This manager features zero-knowledge proof, end-to-end encryption, and more security to ensure your team’s sensitive information stays absolutely private. Simultaneously, it offers a host of convenience features from password storage and login autofill to secure password sharing, a history log, a password generator and more.

With unlimited guests, you can generate passwords for teamwide use in an instant, allowing everybody to collaborate in the same spaces with the same secure protection. You can share passwords with customized permissions and access, making sure that only the right people access the right content and even enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.

PassCamp makes working remote secure and seamless — and at this point, it’s virtually required software for companies working from home. Right now, you have the unique opportunity to get a lifetime subscription to PassCamp Password Manager, on sale for just $49.99. You’re looking at over $300 in savings so be sure to take advantage.

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