PC Laptops: What Specs are Good for Graphic Design?

PC Laptops: What Specs are Good for Graphic Design?

If you have some awesome artistic skills, you might be seriously thinking about pursuing a career in the graphic design industry. Because why not? It’s a pretty cool job that constantly allows you to be your creative self. Read here about unexpected career paths of graphic designers.

It’s high-paying when you have the right blend of natural talent plus tech skills and tools. And the coolest part? It’s one of those jobs out there that give you lots of possibilities to work remotely or freelance. That would mean having more freedom to fix your own schedule and workstation, whether that be on a sunny beach, in a cozy café, or at the comfort of your own couch.

As mentioned above, while creativity and artistic skills are the things you can’t go without when planning to become a graphic designer, you also need to invest on the right tech tools such as a laptop. Choosing the right technology for your job is crucial in your productivity and for achieving your best potential as an artist.

Below we list down important laptop specs you should look for as you start your graphic design career.

16GB RAM or Higher

The larger RAM your computer has, the faster it can process several programs at once. A RAM size of at least 8GB is a minimum requirement for most animation and graphic design software applications. You’d suffer minutes and hours on end for multiple lags and restart if you use a laptop with a RAM that’s lower than 8GB. However, 16GB of RAM will help run these programs faster with less bugs. Most professional graphic designers would also recommend you to get a laptop with larger RAM size ranging between 16GB to 64GB.

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Solid State Drive (SSD)

When it comes to hard drives, one of the two types which are called the Solid StateDrive (SSD) has been gaining a lot more attention lately. That’s no surprise actually because it holds a lot of edge against its traditional counterpart, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD), in terms of durability and speed.

Unlike HDDs, SSDs don’t have moving parts. As a result, they don’t break easily as HDDs do. Because SSDs are more durable, it allows you to move your laptop around while working. The biggest advantage you’ll get with an SSD though is the speed. It’s definitely way better than the traditional hard drive.

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If you are a graphic designer, how much storage space do you need? Your graphic design software applications, the work files, and the outputs can all eat up storage space. Thus, get one with at least 1TB, or if you can afford it, choose one with a larger size.

Intel Core i5 or i7

For graphic design work, artists usually rely on Adobe Creative Suite. These software applications work best on Intel Core i5 or i7. Check out comprehensive reviews about laptops that are great for graphic designers online like this site: www.orphanlaptops.com

Graphics Cards

NVIDIA graphics cards are specially designed to work with Adobe Creative Suite. So, it’s indeed a must-have spec in your laptop, especially if you’ll be constantly using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

A 15-inch Screen and a Monitor with Color Accuracy

Doing graphic design works would be more comfortable with larger screens. 17-inch laptops are great, but you wouldn’t likely take them when you’re out and about. That’s too uncomfortable, well, unless if you don’t really mind the weight on your back.

Most graphic designers would choose a 15-inch laptop. Still a little heavier than its smaller counterparts, but at least it’s more portable than a 17-inch while not sacrificing the comfort of a bigger monitor.

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Don’t forget to check your laptop’s color accuracy, too. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting more time for extra editing that’s not even needed if only your monitor accurately displays colors. This feature is very important for graphic designers who work in print publications.

Graphics Tablet

This isn’t essentially an official part of your laptop, but it’s an accessory you should invest on along with your laptop. Get a graphics tablet you can connect to your computer for a more natural hand-eye coordination when doing rough sketches of your work. Get to know this digital drawing accessory more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_tablet

13 Hours Battery Life or More

Graphic designers spend several tedious hours working. Basically, their laptop’s battery life should keep up with those long hours of work. A laptop with 13 hours of battery life or more is a good option.

Along with fresh talent and skills, novice graphic designers should invest in good technology. The price might be hefty, but don’t worry. You’ll get your investment back in time as you strive to put in excellence in your career.


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