Start your Creative Side Hustle with This Photography Bundle, just $29

TLDR: With the $29 start your 2020 creative side hustle with no prior experience with this Photography Bundle! Learn how to start your business, shoot, edit, market & more!

Just owning a point and shoot camera does not a photographer make. While equipment is a necessary part of the trade, so much of the work is done without a camera in hand, especially editing photographs or training your eye at the moment to capture the best image possible. And if you want to turn your passion for images into a side hustle (or even main hustle), foundational business knowledge will be key, too.

To master the real fundamentals of photography, as well as learn the tenets of creating a business from scratch, consider taking an online class or two, like this Side Photography Business Bundle, which is on sale for $29.

This package brings together 10 courses that can bolster your knowledge, sharpen your craft and turn your abilities as a skilled photographer into a truly thriving business opportunity.

A good craftsman/woman always knows their tools, so the Canon DSLR Photography and Nikon Cameras for Beginners courses can get a new photographer up to speed on two of the top camera makers’ products.

Courses covering Travel Photography and Long Exposure Photography can get you trained in the right ways to handle some of the most common and most complex shooting conditions you’ll face.

Meanwhile, even mediocre images can be utterly saved by top-notch editing. Since Adobe Photoshop is still the editing app of choice for most photographers, a trio of courses — Advanced Studio Portrait Retouching, Black and White Photography Retouching, and Professional Outdoor Photography Retouching — helps users master the Photoshop tools and pro-level tips to create beautiful portraits, brilliant black and white images, and stunning nature photos that will make your portfolio pop.

Despite Photoshop’s popularity, many devotees are also partial to its less well-known sister app Lightroom. In Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Zero to Pro and Landscape Photo Editing, you’ll unlock what makes that software special as well as tricks for turning an ordinary outdoor shot into a true work of art.

But even knowing how to use a camera doesn’t mean you’re versed in making it into a revenue stream. So the Start Your Photography Business course breaks down all the basics, from registering a business name, getting a license and tax ID, cultivating clients and even choosing a headquarters for your operation.

Sold separately, these courses would cost nearly $2,000. However, bundled together, you can get them all for just $29 today.

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