This Android app turns your to-dos into persistent notifications you can’t ignore

Let’s be honest, sometimes most of us forget things on our to-do list, despite putting them in a task management app and setting reminders with notifications. Now I’ve found the most amazing solution that isn’t entirely idiot-proof. But Pinnit is taking a stab at helping the morons among us stay on track.

This new Android app is as elegant as it is simple. Just write down a task, and Pinnit will turn it into a persistent notification that will remain visible for all eternity.


However you can actually dismiss the notification from within the app; you can even dismiss it from the notification itself, but the button is cleverly hidden until you expand the notification.

Unlike other apps’ push notifications that are designed to be dealt with when they pop up, Pinnit works great for reminders that aren’t time-sensitive, and just need doing at some point in the day — such as writing that email to my accountant or calling my mother.

Pinnit is built by Sasikanth Miriyampalli, an Android developer based in India who also works as a product engineer at design firm Obvious. He got the idea for using persistent notifications from his friend and collaborator, Brazil-based designer Eduardo Pratti.

They both plan to introduce a bunch more features they’ve already been working on, like creating to-dos using text from other apps, full notification history support, task tracking, and filtering. They also intend for Pinnit to remain free to use forever.

Well, now the question comes do you need Pinnit? Honestly, I can’t simply recommend this to everyone, as most folks either have something built-in on their phones or have settled on a favorite app for to-dos. But Pinnit’s persistent notifications are certainly handy for reminders that don’t require your immediate attention — so if that’s something you need, this is the right tool for the job.


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