Top 7 PPC Campaign Optimization Tips

Want to drive more qualified leads to your website or blog? PPC marketing is a great way to just that. In this post you will learn best tips for PPC campaign optimization.

There is a marketing acronym which is highly preferred by most of the online businesses. We know that sweet three letter acronym as PPC, generally known as pay per click.

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There are many posts on the internet which educate you on how you can run a PPC campaign but very few in-depth articles which gives you actionable PPC campaign optimization tips.

Best tips for PPC campaign optimization:

What’s the catch:

By the means of this post, you will learn top 7 PPC campaign optimization tips that will help you in generating profits for your business. So, let’s get started with it.

PPC is always known to be a complex process. But the results are highly visible and are always under the budget. You need to be precise while planning an Adword campaign. Once you are done with that, the process doesn’t end with it. There are other things which you need to keep your eyes on. This is where these optimising tips will come in handy.

Optimize At The Campaign Level

When you observe that your PPC campaign is not performing well enough then there are the certain set of actions you need to do. So, let’s begin

Tip#1. Check For The Networks: Search Partners

You must know that all your PPC campaign not just run on Google. There are other search partners and Google products where your result may show up. Usually, the result’s parameter will be quite similar.

Still, if you want to gain some additional insights on your campaign you can simply disable the search partner option and check for the real results. This way you can easily refine your observation of the PPC campaign and find the source of the real problem.

Tip#2. Check The “Search Lost IS” for Budget

As you are on the campaign level, you might want to check your stats in Search Lost IS column. This column is designed to check for the percentage of impressions you have lost due to insufficient ad budget.

If you find that high in alarming percentage, then you might want to increase the budget of your ad campaign. But before deciding to increase your ad budget, make sure that the conversion targeted for is relevant for your business and have the amount of return you expect.

Tip#3. Standard Vs Accelerated Delivery

What if you don’t have enough budget to raise? This is the most common case in small businesses. There are times when a campaign your business is running allocated with a budget that is the highest you can afford.

In that case, there is a solution by which you can optimize your PPC campaign. In order to spread your ad throughout the day, you can select “Standard” in the “Delivery Method”.

This gives Google an instruction where it will evenly distribute your budget for the day. And if you want fast results as your targeted audience search in the first half of the day, you can select “Accelerated” and raise bid on some of the keywords to be visible on the first page.

Optimization At Ad Level

Tip#4. Wait For it and reach Statistical Significance

Now, suppose you have two ad campaigns. One campaign has 15 clicks and a conversion rate of 20%, while the second campaign has 25 clicks and 24% conversion rate. Don’t you dare to jump to conclusion yet?

You need to be statistically significant to make up a decision like that. Wait until at least 100 clicks to come up with a decision. For this calculation, you can also make use of A/B Significance Test. This tool is awesome and will provide you which campaign idea is better in terms of results.

Tip#5. Observe the Difference Between The Keywords If Any

Your ad campaign basically consists of multiple keywords. You see the performance of these keywords in a stats where it combines all of them and shows you the average. This can be a good function but the problem with the average stats is they don’t give insights about how an individual keyword perform. There are loads of cases where a high performing keyword hides the low performing keyword because the average of the two keywords seems normal.

With these kinds of stats, your campaign cannot be counterproductive. Apply keyword segment and watch the individual stats you make sure that you get the right insight.

Optimization At Keyword Level

Tip#6. Click Through Rates

At keyword level, you must take care of low CTR keywords. These low CTR keywords will affect the quality score of the keywords and will result in poor performance.

A QS (Quality Score) is one of the major factors which will decide at what position your ad will be served, the position of your ad and how much will it cost to you. It is believed that if the quality score of your ad is less than 7, you might end up paying fines to Google. So, make sure that you have high CTR keywords in your ad.

Tip#7. Add Negative Keywords

neg keywords

This is the most important aspect of PPC campaign. You need to think of phrases for which you don’t want to appear in the search results. For instance, think that you sell expensive goodies, you don’t want to appear on search results for phrases like “Cheap”, “Free”, and other similar words.

So, add these phrases as negative keywords in your campaign. You can also identify these negative keywords by going to search terms in Google Adwords and check for the irrelevant keywords for your campaigns.

Concluding Remarks

So, as you can see there are many tenets that need to be done while optimising your PPC campaign. Mostly posts give you information which tells you about keeping the campaign under control, strategize it and other stuff.

With these actionable tips, you can effectively optimise your PPC campaign and generate revenue from it.

Did I miss anything? Why don’t you mention that in comments and spread the awareness? Hope to see your valuable inputs in the comments section. Till then, Happy Campaigning!!!

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