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TLDR: Predis.ai’s proprietary algorithms recommend hashtags, caption ideas and suggestions to improve your post and boost engagement! Get Predis.ai lifetime deal at just $49.

Combined Alternative for – Flick.tech and Copy.ai

Social Media – Instagram posting has become the face for all the brands and content creators. However, you need to be different yet smart while crafting each of your post. It does become overwhelming to present your brand different from others while you always have to think of something creative every time but this is where you need to actually become smart.

Did you know you can leverage the power of an AI to enhance your posts? No, right? Enhance your post engagement by optimising which hashtags to use, the best time to post, which media to use and much more. So let us share the tea with you!

Highlights –

  • Helps Social Media Marketers write better posts and generate more post engagement using AI-based improvement suggestions and theme categorization.
  • With the help of AI, you can decide better on critical aspects of Instagram posts such as time & day of posting, ideal caption length, and right hashtags to use.
  • Predict before you post.
  • Craft better captions using the AI as it gives you the caption ideas. 
  • Helps you understand what content is working for your competition.

Predis.ai’s proprietary algorithms recommend hashtags, caption ideas and suggestions to improve your post and boost engagement!

Predis.ai is an AI/ML-based product that helps Instagram Marketers/influencers check and improve their Instagram posts before posting. Using AI, Predis shows how well a post can perform via an Engagement Indicator and gives suggestions to improve the post which results in better engagement. Suggestions can range from Time/Day of posting, Caption length to Image Improvements. Predis also suggests Hashtags to help improve the post’s reach and gives different ideas to better write your copy. 

Predis helps you understand how a post would perform and suggest improvements for the better performance even before you publish your post. This differs Predis from other social media analytics tool which usually works after a post is published.

It also helps you understand what content is working for your competition. The AI groups your competition’s content into contextually similar buckets and lists them according to the generated engagement. This gives your competition’s content strategy on a platter instead of the current method of scrolling their Instagram profiles and making notes.

The Benefits of using Predis?

  • Better performing Instagram Posts
  • Data driven decision to choose between different posts to pick one
  • Data driven decision on When to post
  • Saves 60% time to create a post by
  • Cutting down on time to craft a caption
  • Zero time to search for hashtags – just click and select.  
  • Check what content is working for your competition. Easily uncover their content strategies and get inspired.

Who is it for?

  • Social Media Marketers Using Instagram (Agencies/In-house/Freelancers)
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Content Creators
  • Brands and Businesses using Instagram for promoting their product/service

Predis.ai long term vision is to create an AI based marketing assistant which will create your monthly content calendar for each platform. You can choose to polish the posts before publishing or publish them directly. The short term vision is to launch the same set of features for other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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