How to promote your site with a minimum contribution and maximum efficiency?

Today with a plenty of different production of all kinds and sorts even qualitative product needs advertising. A few decades ago someone claimed that good product needed no advertisement. But that’s definitely wrong. If you imagine your startup or business as a car, so marketing is your wheels. You can drive but not so far and not so fast.

In order let you drive really far we will give you tell you about some platforms for promoting your business.

As example we will take educational site –

Essaynara is a project that will help students from different countries pass exams better and do their homework easier.

First on what you should put your minds is social nets like Facebook and Twitter.

1. Facebook – is a very powerful tool for promoting according to its huge number of people. This is like giant audience which already divided into thematic groups. You can just visit relevant pages, look what people wants and create your own community with links on your product’s page. In this way you can greatly boost your business because you will get more and more visitors who will share with their friends and so on.

Essaynarais going to create their own page on Facebook which will be oriented on the last forms of school and students. In this way they will attract a massive amount of people and they will create self-advertising mechanism.

2. Twitter – is one of the biggest community which can give you a huge platform for growing because most of the tweets are provided with #hashtags that allows you to find related info with the same #hashtag. That means that you always can keep an eye on what’s trendy now and follow hot topics for you own success.

According to the time of year, we can say that summer is a period of high activity of young people – finishing school, summer exams, going to university. All these facts will help to spread site services among students.

3. Pinterest, Dribble, Piktochart and other platforms that publish visual content. Today most of people don’t wish to read long texts and they prefer to get more visual data which is much easier to consume and understand. Publishing fresh and interesting info will attract audience to your company.

EssayNara will tend to publish posts related to education thematic. Like «TOP 5 richest authors» or «Strange habits of great writers». People who will like this post will try to surf related sites (first of all, it is going to be sources of post) and they will come to your site attracting more and more people.

4. And final but not the least important part – is blogging. There are really a lot of different blogs that publish thematic news dedicated to certain spheres. Some of them are very big and have different sections (like Reddit, with its sub-reddits 4 chan, 9gag etc.)

social media facts

If you have wish and time you can promote your site by yourself or ask specialists who will help you using all the methods we mentioned above, and even more. Not for “Thank you, so much!” but for real money.

Now you can go and promote your own business using knowledge you got from this post. We hope it was useful for you and in a few years you will give advices as a successful entrepreneur. Good luck!

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