10 Proven Ways to Sell Your Products Online

Billions of people are on the internet every second or minute of every day to search for something. It can be a person, phrase, place, song, flower, or anything that they need answers for. The widespread use of mobile phones has only encouraged people to search the most academic and even the most mundane topics.

Pain points and your desire to solve them form the basis of why you are selling online. If you have yet to open a shop, consider using a platform that allows you to sell online effortlessly. By effortlessly, it means not needing to design and code the website or hire people for those before you start selling.

And with the number of eCommerce sites, merchants, or sellers growing by the day, it becomes even more daunting to tell people online that you are selling the product(s) they need to remedy their long-standing problems.

The question is, how can you lure them to your store to buy your products?

10 Proven Ways to Sell Your Products Online

Make Your Store Searchable

seo-friendly-ecommerceLearn about SEO, the language of search engines like Google. First, identify your keywords and related phrases that people typically use when searching for products like yours. Place them strategically in your copy so that the search engine can include your store in the results and, hopefully, on its front page.

Produce a Copy That Is Personalized

What stands out for small businesses and is expected of them is a personalized touch. Apply this to your copy, especially the product pages. This holds true when your products are identical to those of other sellers. Instead of lifting the manufacturer’s description in full, write your own. Make sure your copy still contains the relevant details.

Anticipate Concerns or Questions on the Product Page

It’s safe to assume that the customer clicking on a product knows little about it. That’s why you need to make the product description as informative as possible, answering possible questions. For clothes, include sizing variations, materials, washing instructions, and the measurements of the one modeling it. You can also add a tab for returns and shipping policies.

Offer as Many Payment Options

multiple-payment-optionsLook into integrating several modes of payment, like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and credit cards, into your store. Some retailers have Bitcoin as a payment option, as well as cash on delivery (COD), which remains a popular choice for online purchases in Asia.

You must put layers of security in processing payments on your website. In the checkout section, you can also put up a message that your store doesn’t keep customer information. The last thing you want is for customers to back out at checkout because your store doesn’t look trustworthy enough (they can quickly look up security red flags online).

Invest in Quality Images

The thing with online shopping is that you can only judge the product by its pictures. High-quality images add to the appeal of the products, combined with informative and well-phrased descriptions. Flex your skills in photography, or hire someone great at bringing out the best in your collection.

Offer a User-friendly and Top-Notch Mobile Website

mobile-friendly-websiteTwo things in websites irk customers: slow loading and hard to navigate. Make buying in your store painless and quick. Customers need not refresh or wait for seconds to load the page, or they don’t have to click more than ten times to get to the checkout page.

Reward Your Customers

Who doesn’t like a freebie? It can be a sample of your product or something related to the purchase. Whichever you chose to give, customers will appreciate the gesture and remember you when they make a similar purchase. It’s one of the quickest ways to build lasting relationships with customers.

Add an “About Us” Page with Contact Details

Customers look for this information to verify the legitimacy of the store or website. Many e-commerce stores have been perceived as sketchy because people couldn’t find real people, an address, and a phone number on the site. They surely don’t want to do business in this case.

Leverage User Reviews

user-reviewsThere’s nothing like real people talking about your product on your website. Customers look at these reviews to solidify their decision to buy, particularly on products that have to be effective for something. You can line these reviews nicely on the product page for maximum effect.

Think Long-Term

As you look into ways to make more sales for your online store, devising promos and campaigns, don’t forget that the first months may not have stellar results. It takes a while for businesses to reach break-even.

If you have a day job, you may have to hold on to it for longer or find other side gigs to help you fund your online venture. In this regard, you must have control of your options and prospects for the future.

Thus, gather every resource to pass pertinent tests before and during your employment. You will need the help of techniques and insights to carry on with your current and future endeavors.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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