Skyrocket your Conversions & Site Growth with Provify Lifetime Deal

TLDR: More engagement, growth, & leads with this software’s social proof alerts, email collector, conversion counter, and more. Get Provify lifetime deal at just $79.

Did you know that 82% of Americans ask friends or family for recommendations before making a purchase? That stat illustrates the importance of social proof. Whether you sell an individual product or service or you offer an entire online store, social proof like reviews and ratings are crucially important in turning visitors into buyers. But how do you add social proof to your website? One way is with Provify.

Provify helps you maximize every user that visits your site. It offers social proof alerts so you can surface discounts and testimonials to visitors and capture leads with just one simple piece of code. It’s easily integrated on any website, regardless of the platform you use, making installation simple and quick. Once it’s on your site, Provify lets you specify triggers depending on user actions.

For instance, if someone has spent a few seconds looking at a specific page, you can prompt them with a module to learn more about a product or direct them to a case study. The fully integrated dashboard gives you complete visibility into your campaigns, measuring impressions, hovers, clicks, and more, giving you an entire understanding of what is and isn’t working in your strategy.

With Provify’s Premium Plan, you can run up to 20 campaigns and 100 notifications, receiving up to 100,000 notification impressions per month. Plus, you can customize all of your notifications with your own branding and you’ll never see an ad.

Generate more leads, conversions, and growth by integrating high-quality social proof on your website. Right now, you can get a lifetime deal to a Provify Premium Plan for just $79.

Prices are subject to change.

Provify Lifetime Deal

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