Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design: Business Need It

From a recent study it has been shown that almost two thirds of US population uses smart phones daily for various activities ranging from checking emails, searching for local grocery shops to buying movie tickets. As our smart phones are getting smarter people are bound to replace their desktop or laptop and prefer to do much of their activities on their mobile phones.

From a business perspective, when customers and prospects are on their mobile practically for everything, why not deliver a uniform customer experience across both mobile and web platforms. This means starting from their corporate online presence to delivering marketing messages to targeting advertising, everything should be mobile optimized.

As center of every marketing campaign is the website, the first step should be to make the website responsive, having a fluid design which adopts based on mobile device screens. So, responsive websites are the key to staying in mobile world.

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More and more businesses are becoming aware of the fact that mobile has become default platform for both search and communication. As over 90% of buying experience start with a search, not having a responsive website will only mean your prospect customers are not able to view your product/offers on their mobile. Moreover even search engines are favoring mobile friendly websites and tweaking their search algorithm for the same.

As a business, you focus on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google plus or even Instagram to communicate with your prospects, customers, investors and future employees. You either provide a link to an interesting article for them to read or would like them to visit your website to perform the desired action such as fill up a form, download eBook or even subscribe to your monthly newsletters. How would you like your customers to respond when your website isn’t responsive and your customers are having difficulty filling up your forms with long scroll? Will customers be able to connect easily with your brand or services with such unpleasant online experience? Absolutely No unless you offer something very unique offered by none! You are out of your luck otherwise!

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According to a survey almost 64% of people have searched for business contact number on their mobile before calling them. This gives a huge opportunity to have a responsive website design along with having your contact number displayed prominently with a hot link everywhere. With a hot link, just clicking on your contact number would initiate a call without having to either remember your number before calling.

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Majority of the business calls are about purchase, to know more about the product or services and inquiring about a store near them to purchase from. So, if you would like to stay and grow in your business, having a responsive website is a must. As a good mobile browsing experience will have a long lasting impact on your prospects and can reduce buying cycle.


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