Samsung Galaxy Note 20- The new galaxy note is here to prove it’s dominance

Every year, the Samsung franchise brings to you phones that make us excited about its release. Since the start of this decade, the Samsung Note series has made a mark in the market with promising features and interesting upgrades in every new model.

This year, Samsung brings to your doorstep the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Let’s look deeper into all that we know about the new model that is set to release in the latter half of this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – An overview

The model is expected to have power-packed features and impressive design. It is speculated to have a 50x maximum digital zoom.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is expected to be launched in mid-August this year, based on a similar timeline of other Samsung phones launched in August. However, with the ongoing pandemic, we might experience a slight delay due to production and stock issues.

samsung galaxy note 20-1

This device will be launched in the market, at a similar time when the iPhone 12 is speculated to hit the market as well. Hence, these two phones will prove to be a stiff competition to each other.

This phone series will have two models:

  1. The original Samsung Galaxy Note 20.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+.

How much will it be priced?

This model of Samsung is bound to come in a slightly expensive range owing to all the brilliant features and the current trend of smartphone price hikes in the market.

The previous models of Samsung, i.e. the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy Note 10+ were priced at — $930, $1,000, $950, and $1,100 respectively.

Hence, we are guessing the company will adopt the same trend and these phones will be priced at nothing less than $1000.

Camera specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is bound to have an impressive camera. Sources say that Note 12 will most likely have the basic usual structural design. This is inclusive of the phone’s generic ports and the slot for the trademarked slot for the S-Pen of Samsung. This implies that the Note 20 series will incorporate a lot of similar characteristics from the Galaxy S20 series’.

samsung galaxy note 20-camera

These likely include the triple-lens configuration in the base and the Galaxy s20’s feature of ultra-quad lens setup, finished by a 108 MP lens. It is an obvious fact that these will undergo improvement. It is believed that this series will be devoid of the Space zoom telephoto lens. However, it should ideally employ a 64 MP sensor, similar to the telephoto lens of Galaxy S20 Plus.

It is alleged that for the Galaxy Note 20 Plus we will be seeing a 108MP main sensor, a 13MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. It will also be equipped with a laser focus sensor to sharpen the focus angles of the image.

The telephoto lens of these phones is believed to house an ideal capability of 50x zoom along with a periscope-style design.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is believed to have a screen size of 6.42-inch, along with a resolution of 2345 x 1084. Meanwhile, The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will be bigger with a screen size of 6.87 inches, along with a resolution of 3096 x 1444. The Samsung franchise is expected to spice up this series with in-screen, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that will add to both the design and security.


Recently, Samsung declared its new venture in the production of 7nm and 6nm smaller sized mobile processors, which will work the best for a 5G connection. Hence, we can hope to see at least the 6nm processor in here. The phone is likely to be powered by either one of the women chips of the company or the variants of the Snapdragon 865 plus. One thing we know for sure is that the Note 20 series will be equipped with 5G connectivity.

The storage is expected to be a 125 GB in-built storage. This is a drawback as the Note 10 had storage of 256 GB, but this model is likely to be employed with a microSD slot as well. It is speculated that Samsung’s next-generation eUFS 3.1 storage will make its entry through the Note 20 models.

These chips are powered to deliver thrice the speed of the current UFS 3.0 silicon. One of the exciting attributes, everyone is looking forward to, are the new features lined up with the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 20 series.

Battery and charging

Sources say that the battery in the Galaxy Note 20 will undergo an upgrade, i.e. the note 20 is expected to get a 4,000 mAh battery, and the Note 20 Plus can be upgraded further higher up to a 4,500 mAh. The screen refresh rates are also believed to undergo improvements to extend up to 120 Hz.

The future of these Samsung phones is hoped to be revolutionized by the new material brick called gallium nitride, which can fully recharge the phone in just 45 minutes. It is a common expectation towards the company to sharpen the battery life tremendously of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series so that it can be extremely competent with the upcoming iPhone 12.


There is a high expectation from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series in regards to the battery, 5G connectivity, and other accessibility features. We too, eagerly anticipating the final release date and are sure this phone has promising attributes to adapt to the current market situations.

samsung galaxy note 20
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