The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB Giveaway

TLDR: Want to check out Samsung’s new foldable phone that’s selling out around the globe? We’ll give you the one — for free!

It’s official — the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a hit. At least, if you go by the announcements following Samsung’s global boutique-style limited rollout for the market’s most affordable folding phone model in decades. In fact, the ultra-cool device capable of folding up even smaller than your traditional smartphone is sold out in virtually half the world with about 20 of the more than 40 countries where the device has debuted reporting no stock on hand, including the U.S.

Nothing beats ending a call with a satisfying click of a phone snapping shut, but the new age of touchscreens and smartphones has made flip phone technology all but obsolete…until now. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip brings you the best of both worlds with a full-screen phone that folds to fit in your pocket with a revolutionary flexible display. Plus, with a camera made to stand on its own, a split-screen Flex Mode option, and a dual battery that lasts all day, this powerful smartphone goes far beyond aesthetics. Enter for your chance to win your very own Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB!

  • Enjoy a new spin on the classic flip phone design with Galaxy Z Flip’s Infinity Flex Display
  • Fit your phone anywhere w/ groundbreaking design that folds to be surprisingly small and easily fits into your pocket, bag or purse
  • Capture shots from any angle, shoot high definition photo & video in low light and take the best selfies w/ a 10MP
  • Multitask w/ split screen Flex Mode

Of course, you want this cutting edge tech with a price tag near $1,400 — and all you’ve gotta do is fill out the entry form, shoot it our way, and bam — you’re in. Be the lucky winner of the randomly selected drawing and you’ll soon be sporting a brand-new ultra-foldy phone.

==> Registration for the contest ends on June 26, so get in your entry now!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Giveaway

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