Securely Share Data Files Seamlessly with Partners and Clients with 4Sync

TLDR: 4Sync is trustworthy online storage for your documents, music, photos, and other things you value. Get 1TB of premium cloud storage for one year for just $49.99.

Cloud storage is essential for any business. With so many files, documents, and assets to juggle, you can’t keep them all organized on a single computer — especially if other employees need access to them as well. Instead, you need reliable and secure cloud storage you can count on. Right now, you can get 1TB of 4Sync Premium Cloud Storage for just $50.

4Sync is a simple, convenient way to store all of your documents, music, photos, and other valuable files for quick and easy access. As soon as you store something on 4Sync, it’s instantly accessible anytime you need it via computer, phone, or tablet. Not only does 4Sync make accessing files easy, but it also makes backing up and securing your files easier than ever.

4Sync is specifically designed for businesses, bloggers, students, teachers, and photographers who tend to need storage and share large amounts of data. With 4Sync, you can securely share files quickly and protect your data from equipment failure or human error. 4Sync even comes with a link shortener, making it easier to share content with others and supports subdomain setup for shared folders. You can create granular access permissions and preview audio and video with the built-in media player before embedding widgets from 4Sync for streaming on your website, blogs, or forums.

Improve the way you save, secure, and share your business data. Normally $203, you can get a one-year subscription to 1TB of 4Sync Premium Cloud Storage for 75 percent off at just $49.99 now.

Prices are subject to change.


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