7 essential SEO tips for increasing website ranking

SEO and product marketing always blend. It is important to utilize search engine optimization techniques to secure a high rank in Google or any other search engine. This high ranking or top position in a search engine helps you achieve more traffic as it indicates a sense of legitimacy and trust in the content you curate and publish. Thus, people are bound to check out your page and you are going to achieve better results in terms of traffic and sales.

Hence, we bring to you 7 crucial SEO tips that can aid you to boost up your website rankings.

Let’s take a look.

Engage in thorough keyword research

SEO Tips Keyword

This can be called as a foundation stone to an established SEO campaign to achieve better rankings on search engines. Since these are the literal phrases people enter into search engines, your research must be comprehensive and you must have an idea about the kind of keywords people use before entering your site.

To begin with, your keywords must be specific to your business and must be conversational. Targeted keywords engage high search volume along with low competition as limited people make use of the same ones. The best fit is using long-tail keywords that are specific to the personality of your brand. You should repeat it at multiple places on your site.

You can utilize the Google Adwords tool called Keyword Planner to find relative keywords ideas and possible competition searches. It helps you to achieve better rankings at a faster rate.

Design a mobile-friendly and easy to use website

SEO Tips Website

You must have an aesthetic appeal to your website. But what is more crucial is curating a website that is easy to view and efficient to use. A major part of this includes labeling your key functions or content and allowing easy navigation across the pages in your site.

You should make your website user friendly by adopting proper formatting techniques that will increase the time spent by visitors on your website. This includes employing legible font size and types along with bold formatting or bulleted list for important points. To shoot up your rankings, you should also design a mobile website that is compatible with any device.

Post Good quality content with visual aids

SEO Tips Content

The content on your website must stand out for its quality and originality. It must portray the brand image correctly and must convince users to engage with your services or products. Hence, you must develop an ongoing process of uploading newly updated content along with links and visual aids.

Visual aids like charts, infographics, images, and videos boost up user attraction and interaction big time. Your audience is easily captivated through these visuals like images or charts that accompany the text, and they end up spending more time. It also results in future usage of your website for other purposes.

These images and videos also improve conversion and engagement rates. They can be called as a back-up for your quality content as they boost the rankings in immense ways.

Use Header Tags

SEO Tips Header tags

Header tags are an efficient formatting tool as search engines lay priority on keyword-laden header tags. On using relative terms in these tags, your SEO ranking remarkably grows.

You need to know the correct formatting attributes when it comes to header tags. Since it is taxing to read large paragraphs, header tags smoothly divide it and help your audience to navigate and find the precise information. There are four types of these tags:

  1. H1s: These include the targeted, company-specific keywords.
  2. H2s: These allow you to keep your page concise.
  3. H3s: These are used to link groups with other corresponding sources.
  4. H4s: These are employed in the niche subsections under the main topic.

Optimize Efficiently

SEO tips optimize

Google has certain protocols that suggest precise optimization of your website for recognition by the search engine. It has a primary task to optimize websites for mobile devices as well.

To optimize your website you must ensure that the URL structure is maintained and is precise, i.e. below a hundred characters. The title of your website should also have a unique tag that comprises the keywords. Further, your pages should be descriptive and must convey the right idea.

Now, when it comes to optimizing websites to make it mobile-friendly, you have to employ intricate techniques as most of your audience traffic is generated through mobile devices. Thus, if your optimization on a mobile device is relatively low, it can hamper your rankings.

A variety of methods can be used to achieve this purpose. You can utilize a responsive web design where the HTML code remains constant on a particular URL, irrespective of the website. You can also use different codes for each device and different URLs. Lastly, under a dynamic design, you can generate a specific HTML version for different devices where the URL remains constant regardless of device.

Link Building

SEO Tips Link Building

Link building is a competent tactic used in achieving higher rankings on a search engine as they are an indicator on Google that your site exhibits the quality of a resourceful content. Hence you must know all the right ways to build links, as sites with greater backlinks gain better standings.

You must realize that both external and internal links are crucial in affecting your search engine ranking. Hence their maintenance must be given a careful look. Make sure you run a crawl on your website, to discover the functioning of these links and fix all the broken ones to avoid inconvenience to your audience.

Allow a Two-way social media sharing

SEO tips Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to expand your website reach and ultimately rise in search engine standings. As a website manager, you must promote your site on all the social media accounts of your brand/service to engage greater views and website traffic.

Further, you should also allow the reverse, i.e. enable people to share the website links on social media with the help of social sharing buttons. This will help you generate a larger audience network as more and more people become aware of the contents of your website. It also impacts purchasing behavior positively.

Thus, by putting a social sharing button on your site you will attract the necessary traffic that will benefit your positions in the website ranking


In today’s time, you need to utilize smart SEO techniques to build an online presence, generate traffic, and to fasten your positions in the search engine standings. This will, in turn, give you credibility for the quality content you curate.

We hope this article was extremely objective in helping you sharpen your website and achieving the desired results.

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