Learn How to Start Side Hustle with Help From This Bundle

TLDR: No matter your industry, The 2020 Side Hustle Bundle can help you carve out a thriving freelance career for under $35.

Whether it’s ride-sharing, designing websites, or copywriting, more and more Americans are dipping their toes in the gig economy. With flexible hours and remote work options available, the gig economy is an appealing way for skilled people to supplement their income. Employers love it, too, as contractors are less expensive than full-time employees. All of this is to say the gig economy is here to stay and if you’re not involved, you may risk being left behind. The 2020 Side Hustle Bundle can help get you started.

This package features eight courses illuminating some of the most popular and income-generating side hustles around, along with important steps for getting that new business off the ground.

If you’re an idea generator, the Freelance Masterclass For Creatives course can help you lock in on a job sector, create a freelance business brand and establish a client base.

If writing is your true talent, Freelance Writing 101: Start Your Successful Writing Career and Write Like a 6-Figure a Year Copywriter In 2020 offers a step-by-step roadmap to getting your first paid writing gig while writing powerful copy that effectively hits your target audience.

If the art of personal persuasion is in your wheelhouse, Audio Book Publishing on Audible with ACX and Adobe Audition and The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking and Presenting can guide you in how to narrate audiobooks with Adobe Audition and publish audiobooks on Audible as well as craft a public persona as an expert storyteller and presenter.

Those with a visual flair can use the 47 Photoshop Projects for Aspiring Graphic Designers course to create logos, business cards, and other materials to hang your own shingle as a graphic artist; while the Wholesale Real Estate and Assignment Mastermind Course 2.0 can immerse you in everything it takes to make a tidy profit in real estate investing.

And if you just want to sell, the Mecari Masterclass: Learn How to Sell Anything for Profit course can help you source, market and sell virtually any product on the up-and-coming Amazon-alternative Mecari.

Each course in this bundle retails for $200, but getting this entire package now at the limited-time price slashes your final cost down to only $34.66, just over $4 per course.

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Side Hustle Bundle

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