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TLDR: Connect your computers to a personal network & remote access them from anywhere with Get Getscreen three-year access at just $47.99.

In the age of remote work, you may find yourself constantly juggling office and home computers. While there are benefits to keeping work and play separate, it’s inevitable that there will come a time when you’ve accidentally saved a file or started a project on the wrong computer. Rather than go back to the office to pick up what you need, make your life easier with is a simple solution for remote access to all of your systems without having to worry about IDs, passwords, and other nuisances. Whether you’re the system administrator, a support specialist, or just somebody with multiple devices, lets you create a personal network to access all of your machines from anywhere. You can connect to any desktop using the web, whether you’re on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, making it easy to access all of the files you need immediately.

Once you’ve connected your devices, you can transfer files in both directions, copy and paste text information on a remote computer, and even communicate with the operator of a remote computer using the built-in chat or voice call features. With the Starter Plan, you can access ten desktops, switching between each with a simple click so you can seamlessly manage your entire work team’s technology from a single location. Plus, with proprietary plugins, you can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure. is an elegant solution to managing multiple computers in remote environments. That’s why it’s earned 400 upvotes on Product Hunt and 4.5 stars on Capterra. Right now, you can get a great discount on a three-year subscription to Get the Starter Plan for 66% off $144 at $47.99,  the Optimal Plan for 66% off $684 at $228.99, or the Premium Plan for 66% off $3,564 at $1,188.

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