Six Reasons That Will Make Users Hate Your Mobile App

Today millions of apps are present in mobile space. And, everyday hundreds of applications are launched frequently at the App Store and App marketplaces. So, the question is – will all these mobile apps get the successful response from app user? – And, the answer is No. The success of any mobile application depends on how effectively it is adapted by the users. However, there are no fixed strategies available in the market to predict the magnitude of success of any mobile app. But sometimes the case becomes worse, when the end user starts hating your app.

Although, few applications get a positive response but most of them fail. Mobile app development companies, while developing an app should consider a few effective strategies to get best results for your mobile apps. Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why user can start hating your app:

1. In-appropriate mobile app functionality

App functionality is one of the key factors that can decide fate of your app. So, it is important that features and functions that are adding in your app must be user-centric and market-centric. And, any sort of deviation from the basic functionality will lead to disinterest your end users from using the app.

2. Flooded with advertisement

Since apps have captured a huge chunk of market. And, that’s why mobile apps have become one of the key tools for marketing any product. In a bid to earn more revenue, they allow more and more advertisements in their app. But many times this causes a constant source of hindrances because it may result into making users annoyed, which in turn, may lead to making app dis-interested.

3. Nasty User interface and designs

Theme and interface of an app should be designed by considering the users, who are actually going to use your app. Design of an app is the first thing that user will notice while looking for an app on AppStore. Highly contrast colours and annoying user interface, may result into an annoyed user, who will either not download your app or if he has already downloaded then, he will delete it.

4. Lower battery backup

One of the key reasons behind deletion or un-installation of your app is heavy consumption of battery. Many instances have been found where due to over usage of battery consumption, user avoids using the app. And, the result becomes negative.

5. App consumes a lot of time

AppStores are flooded with apps, thus users gets a lot of opportunities to select from a huge pile of apps. And, apps that runs quickly are preferred because user don’t want to waste time on the something. This causes bad impressions on user’s mind and they start hating such kind of applications.

6. Screen-rotation and Calibration problems associated with apps

Another major factor that is identified while using apps is screen-rotation and calibration issue. As these can hinder the focus of user while playing games or watching videos. By choosing the expert and experienced mobile application developers, you can get the perfect results.

Hope you understood the above mentioned factors, which can cause user to hate your app and add bad reviews on it.

Users Hate Your Mobile App

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