Top 10 Skills You Can Master During Isolation

Much of the American workforce is now working from home due to self-isolation. Most of that group will feel complacent, as they’re just productive enough to get by. But you’re not “most of the American workforce” you’re an entrepreneur, and it’s in your DNA to go above and beyond. That said, why not use this time to learn some new skills that can help you start climbing the career ladder when you return? Here are 10 of the top in-demand skills worth your time.

Best In-Demand You Can Master During Isolation:

1. Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important office programs on the planet. But how well do you actually know it? This extensive bundle includes nine in-depth courses that will teach you how to get the most out of Excel, including how to use VBA to automate time-consuming tasks.

=> The Complete Microsoft Excel & VBA Bundle for $29.99

2. Data Science

Data Scientist is one of the top jobs in America for a good reason. The pay is great, and you get to solve interesting, challenging problems every day. Learn some of the core technologies you’ll need to become one in this seven-course bundle that focuses on Microsoft Power BI, Python, MATLAB, and more.

=> The Dynamic Data Scientist Bundle Ft. Power BI, Python & MATLAB for $29.99

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is an essential component of any digital marketing team. So, if you’re in isolation, why not try to brush up on some of these key skills? This 11-course bundle, taught by a 30-year veteran copywriter with agency experience, will show you how to craft copy that sells and create a career that lasts.

=> The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle for $38.99

4. Quickbooks

Tax season is extended, which means you have a little more time to get your books in order. (You still have to file by April 15, though.) Quickbooks is the world’s leading bookkeeping and accounting software, and learning it can be a huge boon to your business. This eight-course bundle will teach you how to use Quickbooks to track your finances and help make future tax seasons a breeze.

=> The Quickbooks Pro Desktop Certification Bonus Bundle for $24.99

5. Video Editing

Final Cut Pro is one of the top video editing programs in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot and produce videos, this course is your entry to working with Final Cut Pro. You’ve got time on your hands; why not make a movie? Get over four hours of instruction that works for anyone from beginner to expert.

=> The Complete Final Cut Pro X Course – Beginner to Intermediate for $14.99

6. Languages

Want to learn a new language? Beelinguapp uses an innovative approach that puts identical texts side by side while giving you an audio reading of them. This way, you can follow with your eyes while hearing the words, reinforcing what you’re learning. This innovative approach has earned Beelinguapp awards from the App Store and Google Play.

=> Beelinguapp Language Learning App: Lifetime Subscription for $39.99

7. Adobe Creative Cloud

Interested in photography and design? Then you have to get familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud. This eight-course comprehensive bundle introduces you to Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more of Adobe’s leading creative programs.

=> The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle for $34

8. Public Speaking

Why not use this time to get over your fear of public speaking? This bundle is led by experts who have founded companies, lead motivational speaking programs, and more. These are the tried-and-true strategies they’ve developed to make presenting easier and less scary over four in-depth courses.

=> The 2020 Public Speaking Bundle for $19

9. Digital Marketing

Now is as good a time as any to start a side hustle, and digital marketing is a great place to focus your efforts. In this five-course bundle, you’ll learn how to start a blog and monetize it through content marketing strategies and SEO strategies. All five courses are taught by CEO and marketing expert Brad Merrill, who has conducted marketing training for prominent startups and Fortune 500 companies.

=> The Digital Marketing Side Business Certification Bundle for $29

10. Project Management

Project managers are in near-constant demand as companies aim to be leaner and more efficient. That demand will only go up after this economic downturn. This bundle will prepare you to ace certification exams in Agile, PMP, Scrum, Six Sigma, and more, putting you on the path to a lucrative project management career.

=> The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle for $45.99

Final Words

Learning a new skill and acquiring knowledge is a great way to distract yourself from all the chaos that’s happening now. The best part is that all the new skills and knowledge you acquire will help you grow as a professional and help your career take off.

Taking online courses, working from home, or keeping up with your side hustles is much easier and less frustrating when you have a computer that can keep up with your pace. If your device is pulling you back, invest in a powerful high-spec laptop that allows you to multitask with ease.

Your tools are just as important as your knowledge and skills are. The best tools will help you unleash your full potential.

Top 10 Skills You Can Master During Isolation

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