10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

In today’s time, technology has evolved to become compact and easier to use. Amidst the world of photography, our mobile phones have been developed with lenses and techniques to click quality pictures similar to a digital camera. Whether you want to shoot a time-lapse of the sunrise or slow motion of water droplets falling on a leaf, a phone camera can practically achieve the same clarity of a DSLR.

Hence, we bring you a list of slow-motion applications suitable for your Android devices that will enhance your cinematography skills.

Let’s take a glance.

Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

1) Slow-motion Video Fx


With a 10 million user base, this is one of the most popular and easy to use slow video shooting apps on Android. With an active user-interface, you can shoot quality videos within no time. It allows you to adjust the speed of the video by controlling points up and down on the line graph. You can also add frames to any part of the video and control them individually.

This application is free and does not consist of any fancy features that will complicate your video-making process. If the free version appeals to you, the ‘Pro’ version has added features and is deprived of unnecessary advertisements.

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2) Hudl


This application is mainly utilized to shoot slow-motion videos in sports, thus making life easier for athletes and coaches to analyze their gameplay techniques. This dedicated application assists you to check your video frame by frame, closely zoom all the components and compare a couple of videos simultaneously to find the difference.

It also has convenient saving options where it allows you to record videos in high definition and easily import them in either Google Drive or Dropbox.

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3) Video Speed


Also, based on a simple user interface, this app works in two ways. You can either record a slow-motion video naturally or convert a previously shot video into slow motion. It works on a diversity of speed from 0.25x to 4x, catering to all your requirements. It is extremely user friendly and gives you desirable outputs.

The application practically supports every media format like MP4, AVI, MOV, and much more. Your final edited video can be integrated and immediately posted on social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

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4) VLC


In the world of media players, VLC has had a prominent name for years. This app is designed to support all media formats and a playback speed range from 0.25x to 4x. It’s on-screen gestures diversify your playback experience. With the option to add, sync, and format subtitles and audio delays, it effectively allows you to adjust playback speed for video and audio.

It can clearly distinguish between audio and video interfaces for accurate user experience. Being open-source, the VLC player is devoid of annoying advertisements and is free to download.

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5) Slow-motion Camera


This application has a modernistic touch and a smooth user interface. It performs the basic functions easily where you can either naturally record a slow-motion video or convert a previously shot video into one. But in addition to this, the app provides you with techniques where you can reverse and loop videos that work in favor of Instagram or TikTok accounts.  

This lets you get rid of the watermark, even in the free version, which is an added asset. It also comprises editing tools that can trim, crop, rotates, and utilize the effects on your video.

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6) Androvid


This is yet another easy to use slow-motion application that functions in a wide range of formats like  MPG, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, FLV, and VOB formats. It is a full-featured video editor that not only slows down the pace of your video but also plays it backward to create quirky results. With the frame grabber feature, you can pick out a particular frame of the video and get rid of it.

Easily integrated with applications like YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and other social media, this app allows you to trim videos and convert them into the ever-famous GIF formats.

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7) Efectum


Similar to other applications, this app allows you to create amazing slow-motion videos with a wide range of features that always undergo improvements. The few handy features include tools for changing between multiple speeds, tools for rewinding videos, a tool for adding sound effects and music, tools for trimming audio and visuals in a video.

This application is extremely handy with no complicated features. It helps you achieve desired results in a few seconds of you uploading the video or shooting it directly.

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8) Kinemaster


This application is best suited to cater to the needs of professional video editors. They can employ distinct features that include multiple layers of videos, texts, images, audios, and fancy effects. It works on focused trimming and envelope control that allows you to have an additional sense of control on the contents of your video. It allows a precise frame by frame trimming to provide accurate results.

This application comes with master class implements like voice changer filters, control of exporting frame rate, bitrate, and resolution. It extends support for a variety of video, audio, and file formats and also allows you to add 3D transitions.

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9) Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool


With an extremely descriptive name, this application does exactly what you think; it can convert any pre-existing video on your device into a fast or a slow-motion up to a speed of 0.125 X. It also has the facility to add your favorite tracks or trim your frames in the video accordingly.

It comes with a free and a paid version, with the paid version having additional features and absolutely no advertisements.  Post the completion of the video, and you can share it on your social networking sites through the app.

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10) Slow-motion Movie Maker


If you wish to add a cinematic touch to your video, this app is an ideal choice. It has a variety of speeds starting from 1/2x and 1/3x to 1/4x ranges. The maximum speed limit you can go down to is 1/16x, which is an incredible attribute.

The app assures top-class quality, and the edited video has clarity similar to its original. It also comes with a feature called ‘magic filters’ and certain editing tools like slow-motion effects, text filters, and edits to boost the outlook of the video.

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With these, we come to an end to the best possible video apps available on your Android Play Store for slow-motion video editing. All of these applications have an advanced user interface that is built to facilitate quality video editing. With all the different effects and features, your video editing experience is enriched.

We hope you have fun in utilizing these apps and were able to create the desired content. 

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