Smartphone Buying Guide – How To Buy The Best Mobile Phone

Technology is consistently being up to the high demand; gadgets are evolving themselves by serving the best possible features that they could provide. Especially when it comes to gadgets like smartphones and laptops, they are considered the efficient and highly required technical stuff that none of the living beings can live without. 

The number of smartphone users is constantly increasing day by day. Most of the brands are evolving their value by providing the most valuable product to the uses. It becomes difficult to pick the right brand and the right smartphone for your requirement. 

To get rid of this overwhelming process, we have decided to create this detailed post that will guide you at each moment of buying the right smartphone. So if you are about to purchase, the smartphone maker should stick with the postal, and just because I will take you deep into the terminology is and form factors that you need to know before buying any of the smartphones. 

With that being said, let’s get started. 

What you need to think of before buying a smartphone?

There are tons of different terminologies that state of being the form factor before you purchase any offer smartphone, but we have a shortlisted few of them that truly impact your buying process. 

Performance of smartphone


What if you have invested a decent amount of penis on purchasing your smartphone and not providing you a valuable performance? 

This could be the overwhelming thing that each one of you might need to get rid of. The processor plays a crucial role in each of the technical gadgets, whether it may be a smartphone or laptop, so it is called the chipset. If the chipset is not up to the mark, then the charges of slowing down your smartphone increases.

I would definitely say that this is one of the major components that includes smartphones that are being equipped with approximately all smartphone companies worldwide. The good thing is the processor is the only entity that makes your smartphone smart.

The processor, including your smartphone, not only maximizes The authenticity of usage, but also there are some other factors as well that are mostly dependent upon it. Image processing is one of the major factors that lead to the top of processing. For now, let’s take the example of Samsung, one of the leading smartphone brands serving the best products to the users. Their smartphone comes in two different processes hosted with Snapdragon chipset, and the other is the Exynos processor. 

The reviews from the customer state that Snapdragon is one of the most efficient and snappier compared to the Exynos, which makes smartphone processing even more prominent. There are tons of different processor companies available out there, amongst which the leading ones are Snapdragon, Apple A13 Bionic, Exynos 990, and kirin 990.

The Snapdragon processor is likely to evolve the Android Smartphones, whereas the Apple A13 Bionic is truly owned by Apple itself, which is the rawest processor out there. One of the processors has divided its sections into various categories like entry-level, mid-level, and flagship level. 

Some middle-level and entry-level processors are Snapdragon 675, 730G, 730, MediaTek Helio G90, and G85. Where it is found at the entry-level processor are not the probable processor but serving the best possible processing power to the devices in terms of the money they are charging. 

RAM is another big thing behind your smartphone’s processing power that holds the active applications running in the background. Please be noticed that most of the smartphone uses a high amount of RAM for operating the system, and that’s true enough at a certain instance if you want a high performing speed. 

You probably observed that most background applications are considered the random process generator generated by the RAM for multitasking experience. It’s 2020, and most of the smartphones provide the highest possible RAM reaching up to 16GB. 

Whereas, if you are just a casual user who doesn’t run more than 5-6application, then 3-4 gigabytes of RAM is way more sufficient for you. Similarly, you can always grab 8GB of RAM for a high amount of usage, which is pretty expensive and might cross your budget. 

Select the right operating system


When it comes to the smartphone, there are two major operating systems available in the market, i.e., Android and iOS, when the competition cannot be done in between just because both of them perform pretty well. I could say that they have been tied amongst their processing power. If you search for a budget-friendly device, the Android is the only option remaining that provides you the value-added smartphones at affordable pricing. In contrast, if you search for a powerful operating system, you should definitely require iOS devices.

The major issue with the iOS devices is that they only serve the processor to Apple, which means you won’t get any other brand acquired by iOS. You get tons of different application support in both Android as well as iOS depending upon your requirement. Hence, there is no true difference between both operating systems. Still, you show only if you are supposed to invest a bit more amount. I would definitely recommend you to go with the iOS devices, which are pretty dope in terms of usage. 

Most of the Android devices don’t provide you the regular updates unless and until you purchase their top end and flagship smartphones with cost you way more compared to the entry-level devices. 

User interface


The user interface is another thing you should not ignore if you are supposed to acquire a smartphone. Let me tell you that most of the brands used to serve their own UI based upon the Processing Unit. Some of the major brands are Samsung, which serves you one UI 2, Oneplus serves you oxygen OS, Xiaomi serves MIUI, Oppo serves colors. Most of these user interfaces are heavily inspired by iOS, which is not still copied but similar.

Apart from this, Google has its own user interface that is termed to be the stock Android user interface that is pretty cool but has certain limitations, so you don’t get an option of change in their phones. But the performance you get is top-notch, and there is no bloatware available, which makes it the authentic amongst all. 

Display quality

Smartphone display consistently increases the efforts by serving the best possible display quality and the bigger size. The trend has consistently devolved, and currently, most smartphones are serving around 6.9 inches display, so you want to face any issue while consuming the content.

If you are about to purchase this Smartphone device for gaming aur for data consumption, I will highly recommend you not to go with this Smartphone that has less than 5.7-inch display size. Mostly you get an option of two different display patterns, i.e., AMOLED & LCD. Whereas some of the improved display patterns for super AMOLED and OLED.

Open from this; there are tons of different resolution options available amounts to which full HD, full HD plus, and Quad HD are the few examples that are owning the market right now. Approximately with all of the display, you get Gorilla Glass 5 and 6 protection that time to be the best even if you drop your device down forcefully. But still, I will highly recommend you to put a strong case upon your device for security purposes so it won’t get damaged at any instance.

The storage capacity

The current standard size of the storage is 64 GB; if you are the one who is about to store a lot much amount of media or other stuff, then I will highly recommend you to go with 128 of 512 GB storage devices that were in some of the great amounts of storage along with the performance so your device won’t get lag while using. 

The camera has improved, and most smartphones provide top-end camera services, and hence the size of pictures is constantly evolving, so I want to recommend that you opt for a smartphone below 128 GB storage. Most of the smartphone also gives you an option of expanding the storage so that it could be a great choice for you.

Battery life

mobile battery

The only reason to buy a smartphone is that you can take it anywhere you want and what if it gets dead on the way? 

When there is no use of that certain device if you are not taking full advantage of it on the way you go post of therefore I will highly recommend you to purchase a smartphone that provides you a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of screen on battery life, which term to be the best smartphone. In the present scenario, you will come across an extensive number of smartphone brands serving the best possible better life that will remain stable to 10 hours on an average. To save a bit of battery, I will recommend you enable the power-saving mode or a dark mode that consumes less battery. 

Camera quality


It’s 2020, and the multi-camera trend is a norm that one should not ignore to take full advantage of the smartphone that you own. Most smartphones like Samsung and Apple provide the best possible camera even In their entry-level devices, whereas other Smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, realme, oppo, etc. They are also in the same way. 

Whereas it’s been observed that the smartphone will acquire most of the photography industries in the upcoming decade, so you don’t have to purchase a top end camera for clicking better pictures. As smartphone lasers are about to improve, most of the brands offer a quad-camera setup, which includes as many lenses as ultrawide and Micro shot lenses. 

If you are someone like me who wants to capture each one of the moment, then definitely at night the best possible camera Smartphone and invest a bit more about the penny. For now, Apple is leading the market for the best camera smartphone. 

Other major things

It came to know that most of the smartphone also offers some of their equivalent features like:- 

  • Gaming mode
  • IP rating
  • Dual sim option
  • Fingerprint sensor and face unlock system.
  • Wireless charging support
  • NFC
  • Stereo speaker etc. 

When they are not as essential for you unless you are not a consistent smartphone user. 

What to avoid?

The trend is constantly increasing day by day. Most smartphone brands like Samsung are evolving themselves to provide foldable smartphones and the 5G support, which doesn’t make any sense just because there is no advantage. So if you are the one who is brainwashed by the 5G integration, it truly needs to avoid just because the 5G is yet to come. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right smartphone is an overwhelming entity that we should not ignore at any instance. If you are someone like me, you don’t want to invest money into the wrong thing; then you should definitely follow the steps I have mentioned in this post because it will help you choose the right smartphone as per the better commitment.

Most smartphone manufacturers provide the best value smartphone devices at affordable pricing but make sure to choose the right one that provides you value at each moment.

Smartphone Buying Guide - How To Buy The Best Mobile Phone
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