5 Metrics for Social Media Success

You set up social media channels for your business. Great! You do a lot to make your pages engaging like running campaign that will get someone interest, joining communities of same people and participating in various likeable conversation as well as discussion. Maybe you are also paying for marking and ads running.

But hey! How do you know which strategies are working and which are not? Did you ever do analytics or ever trying to track metrics? How do you know which metrics are relevant for social media success? You clearly don’t have any idea about it, but you have to have an idea, my pal.

What works for other business may not work for you. It’s like no-one gives you a cigarette if you are in police uniform. So, dealing with metrics always try to make it by your methods instead of walking on the beaten path.

Here we give you some metrics to monitor your social media success. Here you go.

Fans and followers

Your page popularity will be calculated by seeing how many followers you have. Just keep going with the flow and maintain the consistency, if you have a positive growth rate in the number of followers for your page then you are on the right path. As people continue to visit and interact on your pages, you get the brief idea of what your targeted audience wants to see. Anyone review the page without even looking if he knew the number of followers.

Likes and shares

When you have knowledge of what your audiences like you can get a quick success. This needs a little research and to be a watchdog. The number of likes and shares determine the content that you are about to make and you also get a knowledge of what content needs less exposure. This shows you a fair response of customers on your pages.


People will automatically want to know you better if your posts are engaging but it still depends on you that how good are you in directing them from your social pages to your official website. The best way to know this is Social media referrals… Ah. let make it more clear, you will know where your customer was before they get curious about your business.

After finishing this article, Go and create some more call-on-action buttons to your social pages.


We must consider the trust factor, especially those who share their interests. If you want a great social media success then try to find out the potential customers. Better engagement improves your chance to influence the purchase decisions of the most-hesitant customers. Start monitoring mentions and join conversations in social media communities. Make note of the most-discussed keywords related to your products or services. Remember that it’s nothing like late.


And come to a most interesting point because there is nothing like a monopoly. We are living in the age of competition. Whenever you track influence in your industry, you have the good grasp of how your brand mentions to competitors. And if our competitor is more influencing than us then we should learn from him that how he influence his customers.


You can make a better custom tailormade content for your audience if you understand how they behave if you mark out their likes and dislikes if you try to know your customer better than their family and friends. Create content that resonates their interests and habits.

These are the few metrics to start observing your customers on social sites. Let me know if you have your own metrics for it.

Social Media Success

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