Build Stunning and High Performing Sites with Sparkle Pro Website Builder

TLDR: Easy website creation for visual builders is the calling card of this Sparkle Pro Website Builder. Get the Sparkle lifetime deal at just $69.99.

Website builder apps have a tough job. They need a robust set of cutting edge features and customization options to keep web development pros happy while being simple enough that a first-time user can get a good looking site completed without pulling their hair out.

That’s a finer line than you might realize. Many apps and services are either too simplistic and short of creative options for the diehards or head-swimmingly complicated for the newbies. However, Mac owners have been embracing an option that seems to strike a nice balance between those poles: Sparkle Pro Website Builder.

Sparkle Pro was developed with a visual first edict, which is why their entire approach to website building never gets bogged down in HTML and CSS and stays focused on allowing users to visually adjust their page with the naked eye.

Even for those who have never tackled web building before, creating a website with Sparkle is easy and intuitive. A drag-and-drop visual interface allows users to move elements freely, with all changes displaying as they will on the actual page without hassling with code.

Users don’t need to worry about optimizing their sites for search engines because Sparkle has built-in SEO features, embedding all the right keywords and configuration requirements for a site immediately ready to top the Google search rankings.

Since cross-platform capability is always key, Sparkle again takes that headache off a user’s plate, guaranteeing fast load times, formatting that looks great in any browser, and features that show off your site in the best possible light automatically when it’s shared across social media. It’s also optimized to accept a host of third-party embeds perfectly, including eCommerce widgets, chat features, mailing list services, and more.

Heavy Mac users like the teams at MacUpdate and G2 agree, giving Sparkle over a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. It would usually cost $120 to get a lifetime of Sparkle access, but right now, the full Pro subscription package is available at 41% off, down to just $69.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Sparkle Pro Lifetime Deal

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