How to speed up your Window 10 PC? Some must known facts for everyone

The new features of Windows 10 PC are very useful in creating an efficient experience for the user. But the complaint of PC going slow with time is very common. Such problems are quite common when you are using your PC for a long time. Instead of worrying over the situation or before running to an expert, you need to try some things which might be the reasons behind the lag in your Windows 10 PC in most cases. These issues can be restored easily by following a few simple steps. Let us have a look at some ways to speed up your Windows 10 PC.

speed up your Window 10 PC

Declutter your device


Most of the time, the cause of lag in any device is an unnecessary app.  The same is the case with your PC. If you have some apps which you do not use then simply remove them. Also, look for in-built apps which are of no use to you. Remove them as well. Try to keep a regular check over apps installed on your PC. This trick will help you if your PC is full of unnecessary apps that are only affecting the storage and causing lags.

Clean up Disk Space

window 10 pc(clean up disk space)

Most of the time, after using a device for a longer time, the disk space starts filling itself. Due to full disk space, the device starts working slower than usual. If you are using an older PC then the chances of having lags due to full disk space are very common. Also, whether you are using HDD or SSD, it hardly matters. Both types of drives can cause such issues. So, the best troubleshooting option which is left with you is to clean up the disk space. Use the disk clean up took so that the junk files can be removed.

Startup Applications must be disabled

window 10 pc(disable startup application)

This is one of the most common issues with Windows 10. Most of the programs that you install are configured in such a way that they install themselves automatically without prior permission. Such programs may cause lags in your device. Especially, if your PC is an old version or not very powerful so disabling such programs is the best option for you. Not only removing but also keeping regular checks for this issue are a must. To disable such apps, Right-click on the taskbarà Click at Task Managerà Go to the Startup tab and look at the status column for applications. Disable the less useful ones à Restart your PC.

Is it malware?

window 10 pc(is it a malware)

Malware may corrupt your files and impact the efficiency and working of your PC. There are many external threats that you need to take care of like viruses, spyware, Trojans, etc. For keeping your PC safe and efficient all you need to do is to scan your PC for such threats. A good antivirus and antimalware scanner will not only detect such threats but will also remove them. Such scans must be conducted from time to time especially when you connect a foreign USD to your device.

Power Settings of PC might need changes

window 10 pc(change power settings)

Windows 10 has a power-saving option for the times when your device has very low power and cannot be connected to the charger. This is a very efficient feature that reduces the performance a bit and helps the user to continue with their work. But in case, you have accidentally turned power saver on even when you have enough power and forgot to turn off then this might also affect the performance of your PC. All you need to do is look for a power setting in your PC from the Control panel and check if they need some change.

Your Hard Disk need Upgrade

window 10 pc(upgrade disk)

Hard Disk crashes are common in PCs after operating for a very long time. Even if you keep your PC with care and Disk is not even near to crash, still, the performance of Disk deteriorates with time. If your PC is working slow then maybe you should change your disk. If you use the old HDD drive, simply shift to SSD drive which is latest and designed by keeping present needs and present programs in mind.

Fast Startup

window 10 pc(fast startup)

Fast Startup helps in the fast starting of PC after shutdown. This option lessens the normal boot-up and uses caching to include all the unnecessary files into a single file. And then this file is loaded into your RAM which impacts the fast-starting of the device. Also, you can look for their file in your RAM and assess it. Remove unnecessary stuff for the efficient working of PC. To enable the startup to go to Control Panel à Choose Hardware and Sound à Select power Options and click on Change what the power buttons do à Select Change settings that are currently unavailable à Select Turn on Fast Startup à Finally, Save Changes.

Turn off Search Indexing

window 10 pc(search indexing)

Search Indexing is the most basic tool of Windows 10 but it is also very powerful as it runs in the background and optimizes the system data. Though it helps the user to search any file or app it also affects the working of PC. For these reasons, if you do not use it or use it very rarely, it is better to Turn Off this feature. To disable it go to Computer Management Right Click on Services and Application and select Services You will get a list, right-click on Windows Search à You will get a new window in which you have to select manual or disabled and then save your settings.

Final Words

Slow running of a PC is not a very big and uncommon problem. Almost everyone experiences this issue once they keep using their PC for a long time. Instead of creating hysteria, you need to identify the cause of your problem so that you can find a suitable solution. It is very easy to figure out such problems and then working over them on your own. So, stay calm and start exploring your PC.

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