Strengthen the SEO of Your Website Using These Top Tips

In a discussion with columnist, Matt Cutts, previous head of WebSpam at Google said, “The best place to bury a dead body is the second page of Google search results”

Such is the condition of competition in SERP ranking. Without great SEO, it is difficult to make place on page 1 in Google search results.

Here, in this article, we are examining top things suggested by the authorities of SEO in Lebanon – thought to be one of the best in world.

Great quality content

Great content is the foundation of SEO. In lack of supportive, unique, elegantly composed content, all endeavours on different strategies of SEO will render useless.

A decent question to clear up things up will be – “Would you say you are composing for clients or for the search engine itself?”

Greater Relevance

Another part of content other than quality is relevance. You can compose the best content however in the event that it’s not in bigger interest, you won’t get much score on the movement counter.

To ensure, you hit the outlines, you have to keep your content important to a bigger collection of individuals. Not everybody is Valedictorian in English Literature! Keep your content meaningful to for a bigger audience to rank high in SERP.

UI and UX

Another majorly important thing is UI and UX. Is your content sponsored by a UI (User Interface/plan) that is strong of your tone and thoughts? Does your UX (User Experience/connection) encourages a client to have a natural and intuitive browsing experience?

If not, you have to take a shot at the UI and UX of your website. Albeit, prior these things were not given much significance in search calculations, now they frame one of key parts that decide SERP rankings.

Site Speed

A vital metric of the amount of SEO your website has is determined by site speed. It’s one the differentiators for search engines. Altering this may need proficient support. Lebanon SEO is the approach!

Internal Linking

Internal Linking encourages movement. It keeps the movement longer on your site and gains notoriety in search calculations. Your clients are better ready to move through your website. Right utilization of internal linking may elevate clients to sought pages to complete actions.

Niche Authority

Your authority score decides how well you score on various parameters. A power website is a webpage trusted by clients on particular subjects. The higher your power score, the likelier you are to rank higher in search results.

Title-tags and Meta-descriptions

Another critical component in your site’s SEO is Title-tags and descriptions.

Title-tags are for both – search engines and clients! They tell the search engine and your readers about what your site is, in the most compact and precise way that could be available.

Keywords in your title label show up highlighted for the search inquiries in search results.

Meta-descriptions bolster your title labels by going about as an expansion. They compress your whole website in as meagre as 160 characters.

SEO’s in Lebanon recommends that you utilize these tips to support your rankings, activity and income.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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