New ‘Support’ Reaction introduced by LinkedIn amid Covid-19

Recently, Facebook came up with a ‘care’ reaction amid COVID- 19 crisis for sensitive posts related to Pandemic. Now LinkedIn has also introduced a similar ‘support’ reaction. Along with this, Linkedln is also trying to add some new features which will help people during the changing economic condition and provide them with support for the new roles required. Let us have a look at this new ‘support’ reaction in depth.

New ‘Support’ Reaction


Months back, LinkedIn user Omar Abedin quoted then CEO of Linkedln Jeff Weiner about the lacking sense of care and sadness in the reactions provided by Linkedln. He emphasized the need for prevailing conditions and show his disappointment at no reaction available for posts related to Covid-19. Jeff Weiner reacted at his post and even agreed with him. And just after a month, the new ‘support’ feature of Linkedln was introduced.

Earlier, there were a total of five reactions available on Linkedln which could be used as a quick response. These were like, Celebrate, Love, Insightful and Curious. As you can see, none of these reactions seems to fit the post related to the sensitivity of the present situation. There might be some cases where people are sad or want to show some sympathy towards someone but liking or sending love reaction might seem quite weird. In these matters, the support reaction fits completely which has been now added as the sixth reaction to the reaction bar of Linkedln. Visually describing, the Support reaction has hands holding a heart. As mentioned earlier, it is just like the care reaction added by Facebook.


Need for the Reaction

Many LinkedIn users stated that the need for the prevailing situation could not be fulfilled by an earlier set of reactions that were introduced by LinkedIn. The posts related to the COVID-19 crisis might be very sensitive. Liking or reacting curious to such kind of posts might not be decent. This reveals that the use of reactions by the public is very common now. Most people not just like the post but try to figure out the best reaction available. This popularity of reactions is not only limited to Linkedln but also the other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

The reactions at Facebook are very popular as a quick response to any status or picture. While on Instagram, the quick reactions are available on the story. These reactions are six in number and are widely used by users. It seems as if users enjoy such new creative features. The latest example is of floating hearts on Instagram where the feature of floating hearts was related to liking a message. But this feature disappeared and users expressed their grief over the disappearance of this feature.

Also, the reaction of Linkedln to invest in a reaction is clear evidence that these reactions are very popular among their users. Otherwise, the company would not even make a try to spend their time over a less used or a non-popular feature.

LinkedIn as a platform

LinkedIn is emerging as one of the most successful social networking platforms to connect business professionals and career professionals. But as much as it is growing, it is also becoming responsible. The responsibility that it is taking in catering to the needs of its users is making it more user friendly and user’s choice. If we look at the other way from Linkedln then such reactions are widely popular. LinkedIn is a very popular platform which is if investing over a particular feature then it means that the feature is in high demand. Also, this introduction of a new reaction left a great impact on the mind of users that their demands are listened by the Company and are also taken into consideration.

Final Words with hopes for Future

The reaction is Linkedln over the need of a user has filled the Linkedln users with confidence that their needs will be looked upon by the company. This has led to a huge rise in the expectations of the company. Though Jeff Weimer is no longer the CEO of Linkedln yet user will keep hoping for a similar response from the new CEO of the company, Ryan Roslansky. We hope Ryan Roslansky will cater to the need of the public in a more improved manner.

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