Swiggy Introduced Health Hub To Offer Healthy Food

Swiggy is one of the most successful food ordering apps which is already very popular among its users for better offers, on-time delivery, packaging, and quality of food delivered. Recently, Swiggy has introduced Health Hub in its app which offers healthy menus. It will offer healthy food options with information of nutrients present in it. Not only diet food but the healthy version of popular dishes will also be introduced. This latest feature is available only in Bengaluru at present. Soon Swiggy will be making it available in other cities.

Features of Swiggy’s Health Hub

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Swiggy’s Health Hub will be a food discovery section on the app that will allow the users to look for healthier menus with detailed information about the nutrients. The users can also search for the preferred food-item by the category of nutrients such as keto meals, vegan, organic, high-protein, glutton-free, low-carb, etc. The app will introduce both diet food and a healthy version of popular dishes. The food app has claimed to be the first app to offer detailed information about the macronutrients to the consumers. It will be informing the presence and proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the dish.

How it works

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Swiggy has collaborated with various top health restaurants and nutritionists to curate health menus and special dishes for its users. The Health Hub section will introduce detailed consumer research to figure out the preferences of the users. It will be a food discovery section that will be full of both restaurants and dishes for healthy food. The users can search for the dish, macronutrient preference, and restaurant in the app. Also, in case if the user wants to browse through the food and restaurants in this section, they can easily do that. It is easy to pick desserts, salads, soups or anything with macro-nutrient preference in the Health Hub section introduced by Swiggy.

What does it offer?

Swiggy’s Heath Hub offers various healthy food items such as soups, salads, and desserts. It also offers a healthy version of many popular dishes especially, Indian dishes. This is basically designed by keeping local palate in mind and to satisfy the taste of the majority of Indian consumers who prefer Indian food but sometimes, compromise due to health issues. Along with organic, high-protein, glutton-free, and keto meals, the app will also benefit vegan consumers as it will offer a wide variety of vegan food. The app also gives a detailed break-up of nutrient information of the dish. It also gives information about the calorie count of any food item so that the customers can doubt the food item without any second doubt.

Availability of Health Hub

Health Hub, the latest feature of Swiggy is available in only Bengaluru only. Hence, you might need to wait a little longer for this section in your app. It currently available in over 30 areas in Bengaluru and has an association with 100 restaurants. It is offering up to 10,000 dishes to the consumers. The company is also planning to expand its services to Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad in the coming weeks. This feature might take a longer time to be introduced all over the nation.

Impact of this feature

This feature will be definitely benefitting the company. As COO Vivek Sunder said that there is a visible demand for healthy food choices by consumers and restaurants are seeking opportunities to innovate and stay relevant to these market changes. He also said that Swiggy hopes to increase the orders for healthy dishes and even double the orders in the upcoming six weeks.

In other words, Swiggy wants to be a trendsetter in this genre. The fact is already very much apt. Healthy food is already a trend and it is a brilliant idea to expand business in keeping this in mind. The healthy version of popular Indian dishes will be obviously attracting customers. Another benefit of such options is that the consumers always have “if it is available then why not try?” feeling. It might actually set the trend and influence other food ordering apps to introduce a similar feature.

Final Verdict

Healthy food has come out with a major source of commercial benefits in the food industry. Most of the restaurants have already shifted to healthy menus so that they can attract diet-freak customers. It is for the first time that a food ordering app has introduced a separate section for healthy food. However, the feature is just available in a single city right now but it hoped that it will soon expand all over India and benefit both customers and company.

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