Build your Own Apps without Any Need to Learn Coding with Swing2App

TLDR: Swing2App is an app creation platform that aims to offer exemplary services to enable everyone to develop an app in under 5 minutes without any coding knowledge. Get Swing2App lifetime deal at just $97.

Creating an App is not an easy task. You need to learn Coding and know various other technical jargon to be able to build an App. We did not include the heavy amount of investment that you need to spend on building a tech team to build an app only to realize that you need to align with all the compliances from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

If there are more than these issues that you are facing while building your App, you need to change your method!

Swing2App allows you to build your own Apps in under 5 minutes without any need to learn Coding. Swing2App is a no-code Mobile App Builder where you can develop mobile apps without any coding skills. It has over 40+ unique add ons which you can use to customize your apps and add features.

Swing2App is not only for app production but also a comprehensive cloud platform service that solves all aspects of app operations like push and membership management. You can build your own App from production request to an APK download version, is just 5 minutes!

Swing2App Features:

Design and Branding – Get styles and design settings. You can set the color and style using the app authoring tool. Various UI styles and templates are available for anyone to create professional apps.

Fully Secured – It is fully secured by Amazon AWS based Cloud Infra systems. The daily database backups, apps, and communications are all HTTPS built. Swing2App allows you to save guard your app users’ information securely.

Easy To Edit – You can add and edit the contents in real-time with the content editing tools that require no coding.

Android and iOS Support – Support Android Play Store and App Store.

Mobile Web Support – You can launch an app on the mobile web. Connect to your domain with 100% integrations to the app.

Design Notification – Send push notifications to your users in an easy way. Design notifications as you may like with images, simple texts, weblinks, etc, and send across to all your users.

Manager Tool Support – Provide administrator screen and provide all functions such as push and membership management That are required for the app management. Provide powerful application management tools for operating an app.

Dashboard – Check your app’s performance on your dashboard.

Apps Production & Management gets easier with all tools provided – Swing2App allows you to create your own apps, even if you do not have existing content such as homepage, blogs, and free operating app tools like push shipping, membership management, real-time updates, etc. Swing store to provide service in Swing2App with all work being available remotely.

Server Concerns & Cloud service. All servers, lines, etc are provided by Swing2App – Don’t worry about purchasing and running a difficult app server. Because system failures and all computerized responses are managed by Swing2apps. Operators can focus only on the capabilities needed for planning and designing operations.

How does an app creation work?

  1. Create an app – Insert app icon and an idle screen. Select designs and colors. Request to build an app after menu configuration.
  2. Test app after downloading – Download the app after 5 minutes of a production request. Test and check the app. Download the APK version and apply for Google Play Store and App store
  3. App Usage – Download the apps from the market. Launch and verify apps. Promote your apps to your customers.

What’s Included:

Swing2App – $97 Plan

  • Full-feature App Builder
  • APK App Download
  • 1 App Creation
  • 500 Total Monthly Active Users
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 100 Bulletin Boards (5 Chat rooms)
  • 1 Upload to Android and iPhone Store
  • “Built with Swing2App” Branding
  • Stackable up to 10 Codes per account – Each Code allows you to make a 1 New App into one user account + above features for each code.
  • 60 days Refund Policy

Creating an App can never get this easier!

Today, you can get the Swing2App lifetime deal in just $97/one-time & use the product forever.

Swing2App Lifetime Deal

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