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Tips for Picking the Right Hosting Service for Ecommerce Business

Launching an online business is a strange combination of dread and excitement. The opportunities in the booming market are utterly rewarding, but on the flip side, there are numerous factors to consider. Bear in mind that setting up a solid online presence is, hands down, the most important task before you. After all, the website is the heart and soul of every eCommerce endeavor. It needs to be functional, easy to navigate, well-designed, and visually stimulating. The prime goal is to provide a seamless user experience. Pillars of success Building a…

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5 Ways e-commerce Influences the Way We Trade

The first online shopping platform that resembles today’s e-shops was named Electronic Mall. It operated in the 80s and it wasn’t very successful. However, it was one of the first introductions of e-commerce into the world of Internet. Today, shopping online is an everyday thing and people do not hesitate to use it for all sorts of purchases. Here are just five of the many ways e-commerce influences the way we trade. Everybody Can Trade You do not have to open up a shop, hire salespeople, accounts and all the…

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Setting Up An E-Commerce Store – What You Should Know

Having an E-Commerce website can bring you some steady extra income each month, because the E-Commerce sales are on the rise on a global level. Thousands of people are doing it every day, so why not get your piece of the cake? Internet shopping cannot be considered a trend no more, because it has become a normal way of purchasing goods for those who have an access to the Web. According to eMarketer, the global retail sales will increase to reach $28 trillion by 2018. Setting up an E-Commerce store…

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