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Pros and Cons of SEO Affecting Your Content Marketing Campaign

Is SEO worth it? After all, it is a big investment and there are a lot of other tools available to get to your customers, like social media, newsletters and targeted advertising. Wouldn’t it be better to invest in those? It’s a big question and one that any marketing campaigner considering their options would like an answer to (and you should always be considering your options!). The truth is, it depends on what you’re trying to do. And as we don’t know what you’re doing, we can’t answer that. We…

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Local SEO Business SEO Social Media 

Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business

Search Engine Optimization is a major part of marketing efforts for most companies. Most of these strategies are built around tackling the whole internet, and not just your little section of it. If you have a local business, chances are you don’t care if people 2000 miles away know you exist (unless they’re visiting sometime soon!) you just care that local residents can find you. One of the best ways for residents to find you, is through local search on Google. It’s the type of search where a map of…

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New Visitors Business SEO 

How to Convert New Visitors into Returning Ones

Most of the posts that you read online are about how to increase your traffic and number of visitors, or how to get more clients. But despite the fact that this is a valid strategy, it shouldn’t be the only one. Converting new visitors into returning ones is as important as such, and, more than that, it is usually cheaper than the first option. It is also necessary to highlight that new visitors hardly are those who will buy anything from you. They just came across your website or blog…

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Mobile Apps to Market Your Business Apps Business Technology 

How to Leverage Mobile Apps to Market Your Business?

Today in this modernistic world, almost every individual is resorting to their mobile devices in order to make transactions online. Be it small-scale business entrepreneurs or large sized business units, everyone is performing online transactions, like buying selling marketing etc. The need of the hour, therefore, is to develop a mobile app for your business and promote it through the same using multifarious ways. In fact, doing business online can be a boon for all the working people where they can pay or earn on the spur of the moment….

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e-commerce store Business 

Setting Up An E-Commerce Store – What You Should Know

Having an E-Commerce website can bring you some steady extra income each month, because the E-Commerce sales are on the rise on a global level. Thousands of people are doing it every day, so why not get your piece of the cake? Internet shopping cannot be considered a trend no more, because it has become a normal way of purchasing goods for those who have an access to the Web. According to eMarketer, the global retail sales will increase to reach $28 trillion by 2018. Setting up an E-Commerce store…

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Marketing Strategies Business 

Marketing Strategies to Adopt From Fortune 500 Companies

As time goes by and the business world continues its migration into a virtual environment, marketing is slowly becoming less of a thing you would once imagine Don Draper doing, and more a matter of cold facts, analytics and statistics. Does the world of SEO, Google ads, and other by-the-numbers marketing strategies allow some deviations and genuine originality? Sure it does, and the Fortune 500 list is filled with companies that brought something new to the marketing table. Let us see if we can learn something from them. Build a…

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