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How to Measure User Engagement through Mobile App Analytics

Why does the user experience necessary for a mobile app? Well, the Statista report has an answer:  the number of mobile app buyers in the US is expected to cross 85 million by the year 2018. If you find this picture rosy, then another survey has revealed that about 25 percent of downloaded apps are not used more than once. Here, user engagement comes into the picture. Engaging user experience is essential as companies strive for establishing a mobile presence through customized enterprise mobile apps. Here we are going to discuss…

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5 Effective Ways of Mobile App for Attracting Qualified Leads

Day-by-day, mobile apps are becoming very popular as well-made apps can definitely provide a far better experience to its users in comparison to websites. Hence, it can be said that an app can help you in achieving results much faster and in a much easier way. It is said that apps acts as a container for content such as games, videos or is also considered as a gateway to several services and offers of a brand. Mobile applications are connected with consumers in real time and as a result, allow…

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5 Winning Strategies For Mobile App Startups

Starting a business from scratch is no easy feat. As a newbie, people find setting up an enterprise precisely exciting and exhilarating — both at the same time. However, most of the entrepreneurs don’t know that every entrepreneurial dream comes with its own set of risks and benefits. Mobile app startups are no different. Even, they demand a massive amount of hard work, a pinch of luck, a clear vision, and some winning strategies to survive in an industry, which is not less than a graveyard full of millions of…

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How to Launch a Quality Mobile App on Tight Budget

Mobile apps are an excellent investment you can make for your business. According to leading research company Statista, global mobile app revenues were $ 41.1 billion. In 2020, Consumer is projected to spend over $101 billion on mobile apps via play store. That is approx 25% CARG over 4 years. Entrepreneurs and businesses are making record amount through apps. The cost of the developing an app for the first time can be extortionate for the businesses if they just want to get started and testing the waters in the app…

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Major Aspects to Follow Before You Go for App Development

Today, enterprises, organizations, individuals and many other have identified apps a medium to extend their reach to the masses they are going to woo. The major reason behind this is the convenience their audience looks for and if something that users need is available at a few taps away then why not they will embrace it. Therefore, those who dream to get success through an app and want to serve their distinct purposes jump into app development without taking a note of a few major aspects linked with app development….

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on-demand delivery mobile app Mobile Technology 

What is the Cost of an On-Demand Delivery Mobile App?

We all have learnt by heart the success stories of startups like Airbnb, Uber, Foodpanda etc. One thing is common between all these startups; they all work with a single aim – to deliver door-to-door and on-demand services to people across the globe. Since last few years, on-demand delivery apps have been the center of attraction. Right from ride booking to food ordering, everything is on your finger tips. This article is much about on-demand delivery app development and how does the cost vary if additional features are added to…

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Indian App Developers Mobile 

Uncover Significant Components by Indian App Developers for Successful Mobile App Strategy

How to do business in as society which is filled with the mobile app technology? If you want to set up yourself as one of the most promising leaders in your domain, then you need to develop the deep mobile strategy that covers all possible platforms, targeted audiences and various departments. Below are the six components suggested by Indian app developers to develop such fantastic application strategy that will not only benefit your company but will also grow your overall market. 1. Playing by The Rules One of the biggest…

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10 Interesting Android Apps You Might Not Be Aware Of

Some of the most common Android apps like, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, can be found in everybody’s Mobile app. No wonder they are quite useful, with messaging, watching videos, and social interaction, all at your fingertips. However, there are many other apps, which may interest you. However, you never got a chance to come across such apps. A few of such awesome android apps are listed here, along with their uses and benefits. 1. Cartoon Network TV App Imagine your children are getting bored while you are on a long drive. They…

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Common Mistakes Every Startup Makes In App Development Process

The business of mobile app development today is gaining huge demand and importance. This is because the development of the mobile app ensures the customer engagement and is appropriate for expanding the business of any size. It is one of the great tools for powering the business and taking it to great heights. There are so many customers today who are always willing to visit the app of any business organization simply for the sake of getting more and more information. Other way round, this is beneficial for the business…

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Users Hate Your Mobile App Apps Mobile Technology 

Six Reasons That Will Make Users Hate Your Mobile App

Today millions of apps are present in mobile space. And, everyday hundreds of applications are launched frequently at the App Store and App marketplaces. So, the question is – will all these mobile apps get the successful response from app user? – And, the answer is No. The success of any mobile application depends on how effectively it is adapted by the users. However, there are no fixed strategies available in the market to predict the magnitude of success of any mobile app. But sometimes the case becomes worse, when…

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