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How-To-Guide for Improving WordPress Website Lead Conversion

Businesses all over the globe consider WordPress as their preferred E-commerce platform. With the help of this platform, you can set up your E-commerce store easily (even if you are non-techy) and can sell your products and services. But, making your WordPress E-shop popular among online shoppers, generating traffic and converting visitors into leads is not an easy job. You face tough competition from existing E-retailers and it takes a considerable amount of time to establish your E-store in E-business. Another problem in the online business is that many online…

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Top 5 Website Builders for 2016

Having your website today is incredibly easy and anyone can that. This is because there are many website builder programs that enable you to make your own site in no time, and completely according to your own taste. No matter what your business or aspiration is, having your webpage can be done in a few clicks, sometimes for free and sometimes for a symbolic price. However, it’s not always easy to decide which web builder to pick when there are so many choices that differ only in details, but this list of…

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Ways for Businesses Using WordPress to Block Referrer Spam

You know, business owners can look for ways to reduce referrer spam on their WordPress websites. A business person can make the decision to learn more about the various steps that are possible to take, to reduce different types of spam from affecting their websites and analytics programs. This can make their company experience fewer problems with data gathering efforts. This could lead better outcomes for their ability to generate revenue. Issues As you know, smaller businesses might not have the resources, to have dedicated personnel to run their websites….

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