Take Care of Your Teeth With This Amazon’s Choice Oral Hygiene Set

Everybody should be aware of their oral hygiene. You don’t want any disappointing dentist visits, after all. Many entrepreneurs tend to let some personal things fall through the cracks when they’re so hyper-focused on the business. Oral hygiene should not be one of the — people generally don’t want to do business with somebody with bad breath or who is missing a couple of teeth. The Mouth Armor Sonic Toothbrush with Cordless Water Flosser & Travel Case can give you the tools you need to take care of your teeth better than ever, without disrupting your life.

The Mouth Armor Oral Care Essentials Set is an Amazon’s Choice product with 4.3/5 stars. It’s highlighted by a Mouth Armor Sonic Toothbrush that can blast away plaque, bacteria, and debris efficiently using a powerful 38,000 brush strokes per minute. It also has a two-minute auto-timer that pulses every 30 seconds to tell you when it’s time to brush a different quadrant of your mouth. Additionally, the set comes with a Mouth Armor Water Flosser, a more comfortable and more effective way to floss than traditional string floss, four brush heads, and a travel case. The flosser has three adjustable water pressures so that you can find the best model for your teeth.

The entire system is waterproof and safe to use in the shower, and the toothbrush can run for six weeks on a single charge.

Upgrade your oral hygiene without drastically changing your routine. The Mouth Armor Sonic Toothbrush with Cordless Water Flosser & Travel Case usually is $279, but you can get it for 74 percent off at $69.99 today.

Prices subject to change.

Take Care of Your Teeth With This Amazon's Choice Oral Hygiene Set

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