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Technology in Business: Latest Trends for 2018

As the year kicks off, companies all over the world are using this time to develop their business strategy for the upcoming twelve months. Looking back at 2016, it is undeniable that technology is spreading and taking over almost every aspect of the business. In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies are making major investments in technology. This means keeping track of the latest technological advancements have become a necessity in business. With so many innovations in technology during the previous year, here are the latest trends in technology in business you need to look out for in 2018.

Use of Virtual Reality in Business

With the fast-growing development of virtual reality machines and software in 2016, businesses will look to seize this opportunity and enter the VR business age. It is still unclear exactly how virtual reality will impact business, but there are signs that it might become a vital tool in retail, as well as marketing. The close connection of VR with smart devices is a key indicator that the shift could be rapid and global. Essentially, certain aspects of VR are already being used in prototype design to allow businesses to visualize their products before taking actual physical shape. Together with providing better feedback and a better customer experience, together with the prospect of cutting production costs, means VR should be the thing to look out for.

Shift towards Mobile Computing

This year we can expect a complete shift towards mobile computing. Previously only available for desktop and laptop devices, virtual desktops have already started merging with mobile devices to radically change the workspace experience. Both companies and their employees will now have the ability to conduct business regardless of their device preference, or location. Triggered by large-scale IT investments into improving mobile devices and subsequent software development, this trend will enable greater workforce mobility, allowing workers to conduct business on the go, increasing their output.

Big Data Dependency

The increasing dependability on Big Data will hit a boiling point this year, as business intelligence tools become an essential part in giving market insight. What this means is that companies will use Big Data technology and predictive analytics tools when researching new market opportunities and product or service success. Guided by Big Data and its hyper-personalized consumer feedback, companies will be able to counter specific consumer needs, which will determine their short and long-term goals and actions.

Integrating More Video Content into Business

Following the rapid social dependency on visual content, this year, and companies will integrate more video materials into their business. From communication systems to marketing and recruitment, you can expect companies to use live video feeds when conducting business. This will open the market to video production companies, moving away from outsourcing jobs, instead become incorporated into large commercial enterprises. Furthermore, tech-savvy app designers and software engineers will look to create new programs to accommodate off-site communication, remote diagnostic feeds, and optimize overall live video streaming in business.

Improved Digital Security

The rise in technological advancements in business will also play a major part in business security. Companies can install a major network of axis cameras at key junctions within physical offices that can be connected to smart devices to ensure the protection of the most valuable assets, like company servers. With this implementation of smart devices in security, identity checks will become almost instant, and will no longer require face to face interaction. Ultimately, this will reduce the physical presence of security officers, and instead increase cybersecurity teams which can protect both physical and virtual assets of the company.

With these technological innovations, 2017 promises to be an exciting time in business, providing a great opportunity for expansion and growth. Keep your ears to the ground, and remember to consider these trends when setting up your business strategy for this year.

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