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Virtual Reality Technology Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality: What to expect in the future

VR has come a long way since the 1999 film “The Matrix”. Whilst the film version focused on an exciting concept of living between two worlds, the reality is that VR is here to stay and is set to change the way in which we live our day-to-day lives, which is something that we should be paying attention to. With the growth in VR and the advancement in technology, what is the future of VR going to look like? 1. Gaming The most obvious advancement in VR is set to…

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Mobile Technology 

OnePlus 6 India launch: Here’s how to watch the live stream of the event

After officially launching the OnePlus 6 in the London yesterday, the company is now gearing up to reveal the product to its Indian audience. OnePlus is hosting a launch event in Mumbai at NSCI, which will be starting off at 3:00 PM IST. OnePlus was even selling tickets for the event at Rs 999, but if you haven’t got one yet, then you can still catch the event live on OnePlus’s official website or its Facebook and YouTube channel. The OnePlus 6 has mostly changed in terms of design. Like most of…

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Technology Automation Technology 

How Technology Automation Can Actually Ruin Your Day

You’ve heard it a million times: automation is the thing that is going to save your company. Business owners everywhere are continuing to jump on the automation bandwagon: it saves time, money, human capital, and energy. And because everyone is doing it, it must be good for business, right? Well, maybe not. Hear me out: sure, we are all strapped for time, and we are all run ragged in our businesses, but maybe it’s not that we need more time in the day. A study conducted in 2017 reported that…

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Site Technology 

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Site

What are cryptocurrency exchanges? cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms/websites where you can buy/sell or exchange your cryptocurrency or fiat (money) with other cryptocurrencies. Choosing a cryptocurrency site is very important before carrying out any transfer that buys and sell on cryptocurrency. Here we are with the top 5 and best cryptocurrency exchange site: 1. Coinbase   Coinbase is the top-rated cryptocurrency exchange site. This site is operative since 2012. This cryptocurrency site is based in the USA. This cryptocurrency exchange site is legitimized Bitcoin business which is financed by many VC…

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Cryptocurrencies Technology 

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That You Should Know In 2018

The current trend is for the cryptocurrencies. To invest in these we need to have complete knowledge of these cryptocurrencies. There are people in the market who are not at all aware of the terms such as XRP or ETH. And this is very serious hence, we must discuss in detail regarding the evaluation of these cryptocurrencies. Here are the 5 most important cryptocurrencies: 1. Ripple (XRP) Let us start with the ripple cryptocurrency. It is a network of payments that is completely build on the blockchain. It is completely…

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Blockchain Digital Marketing Technology 

Blockchain, Smart Contracts & The Future Of Digital Marketing

The transparent nature of blockchain data will allow companies and customers alike to feel more secure. Today, the advertising industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. According to Forrester, a market research firm, digital marketing expenditures in the US are on course to reach levels close to $120 billion by the year 2021. It’s no wonder that companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google collect information about their consumers continuously. However, bots generate about half of all the ad traffic. Brands spend a lot of money to reach potential customers, but this…

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Big Data Big Data Business Technology 

What Big Data Can Do For Small Businesses?

Without any doubt, Big Data is being considered to be the most disruptive factor active in the business markets in recent times. While a common perception prevailing among business owners and managers worldwide is that Big Data may be used to enhance the business operations and prospects of big scale business enterprises alone, the fact remains that reality is way far from it. As a matter of fact, small and medium business enterprises are not only able to benefit from adopting Big Data, in some ways, they stand better chances…

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apple event - iPhone x Apple Event News Technology 

The 6 Biggest Announcements from Apple Event

At its debut Apple Park public event Tuesday, Apple is expected to unveil a range of new hardware and software products — including three new iPhones, a new Apple TV, and two new Apple Watches. Check here for updates as specific products are announced. So far it’s just been a Beatles song followed by a tribute to Steve Jobs, paired with the introduction of the new Steve Jobs Theater in the company’s new headquarters. Apple Event: All You Need To Know About iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple TV 4K, And…

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augmented reality Technology 

How Will Augmented Reality Change Business?

Each time technology comes up with a new invention, businesses find a way to implement the innovations and capitalize on the new way of doing things. The advancement of augmented reality (AR) is taking business operations to a whole new level. Leveraging technology in businesses became a standard for both interacting with customers and winning them over. Nowadays, most businesses wouldn’t even be able to operate without the use of modern tech. AR offers the ability to improve every business aspect from operations to sales and marketing campaigns. Implementing AR…

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Google Technology Virtual Reality 

Google Tango Can Open Doors to Your Virtual Reality Ambitions

Google Tango (formerly named Project Tango in-testing) is an Augmented reality computing platform, developed and authored by Google. It uses computer vision to enable mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals. This allows mobile app developers to create user experiences that include indoor navigation, physical space measurement, 3D mapping, environmental recognition, augmented reality, and windows into a virtual world. In the environment of app development, the Google Tango Project set a platform for the development of more applications based on Augmented Reality. Now a days people are so keen on virtual reality experiences…

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