Key Takeaways From The Launch Of Apple iPhone 12

Who does not want to have a smartphone with them nowadays? And that too, if the smartphone in question is of the big tech giant Apple, the iPhone series. Many of us dream of having an iPhone and that too of the latest version, because you know, got to show off!

On October 13, 2020. Apple launched its iPhone 12 series at an event and with it, some other surprises were also revealed. Do not worry if you missed the event and don’t have proper knowledge about the products, we are here to help you. in this article, we are going to discuss the key takeaways from Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event.

On October 13, 2020, Apple launched iPhone 12 with other upgraded products such as the Apple Home pod mini. That was a big surprise for the people and a treat in itself. Now before going to the takeaways from the event, we will take a look at the iPhone series and its features.

Apple iPhone Series: Introduction And Features

Apple iPhone 12

The iPhone is a touchscreen-based smartphone designed by the tech giant Apple Inc. The first iPhone was announced by its founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. The corporation releases a new version every year since then. It performs functions that every other phone performs such as making calls, sending a text, clicking pictures, connecting to WIFI, and now accepting third-party apps through the play store. But what is most incredible about this phone is its security features. iPhone has the best security features among all other brands which are very difficult to hack if tried. Along with Google, Apple has become one of the two most valuable publicly traded companies.

General Features

Apart from the general features, the iPhone has some special features also. Those are:

  • High-quality hearing aids for a better sound experience. The accessibility feature adds proper utilization of the iPhone and can also be used as a microphone.
  • The 3-generation iPad introduced the Braille Displays for its iOS program which supported more than 25 languages.
  • Spectacular notification and visual alerts. A user could use a different variety of vibrating alerts for programs like incoming phones, texts, video calls mails, etc.
  • Zoom-in of the text for vision-impaired users.
  • The new iOS 9 have given the users the power of choosing between two different screens.
  • The assistive touch menu feature helps users that may have a problem with specific gestures like pinching, unique assistance in making them create their own.

Key Takeaways From The iPhone 12 Launch

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro and pro max

The iPhone 12 comes with altogether new features and design that constitutes two cameras for better pictures and a wide range for photography, better colour depth resolution, and night pictures. The A13 bionic chips prevent lagging of the device while playing games.

With the show stopper that was the 5G capabilities in the phone, iPhone once again managed to take away our hearts.

With better dust and water resistance screen and battery life far more than the previous XR, this one is a true winner. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro also comes with wireless charging.

The iPhone 12 pro makes a claim by providing 4 hours more battery than the iPhone X and 11. With 3 different sets of cameras, it pioneers in ultra-resolution pictures, a telephoto that promises images of superior quality.

The 5G era

iPhone 12 is all set to dive into the 5G era. In the launch event, which was called the ‘High Speed’, it was stated that the iPhone 12 and iPhone pro and pro max are all well equipped with the 5G installation system and will support the fastest variant of the 5G band. Even if the US carriers are still some years away from rolling out the fastest network, the Apple iPhone 12 is all set already.

The Camera Roll

Like last year, with the launch of the iPhone 11, the camera quality of the phone was tremendous. This year also the iPhone 12 series brought a professional camera to the market. With the ability to record high-quality video with the Dolby Vision, we sure will have no need of expensive cameras to shoot a small birthday party. The night-mode feature was added to iPhone 11 but is even better in this version.

The Size Is Important

The iPhone 12 came with three versions i.e. iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 pro max.

The iPhone 12 mini is a 5.4 inch (13.72 cm) display dual camera phone that is priced at $699. The orders can be placed from Nov. 6 and the shipping will start from next week.

The iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch display and is starting at $799. Customers can pre-order the phone from October 16 and the shipping will start from October 23.

The iPhone Pro variants come in two different versions that are Pro and Pro max. The iPhone 12 Pro max has the largest ever display in the history of Apple iPhone which is 6.7-inches. The pre-orders will start from October 16 and shipping from October 23.

Homepod MINI

The Home pod mini is a small smart speaker that is priced at $99. This was initially launched in 2007 but the company didn’t make any progress in this area. The device uses ‘computable audio’ to improve the audio playback and it is also given intercom functionalities so that the members of the house can talk to each other from different areas. The cost is still two times high than rivals Google and Amazon’s echo dot.


From the looks of the event ‘’High Speed’’, it is speculated that there is still some other news that is yet to come. Macs Apple silicon, updated Apple tv, headphones, and even charger was not in the picture. The speculations of Apple’s other event in November started a week ago and now it seems that can be true after all.


The key takeaways in a nutshell are:

  • Apple held a major product announcement on October 13, 2020
  • It launched Apple iPhone 12 which came in three different sizes
  • The phone is set with 5G capabilities and all other devices
  • iPhone pro and pro max has the largest display ever in iPhone which is 6.7-inches
  • Apple Homepod mini was also mentioned in the event with some upgrades.

With all these new versions of the products, the tech giant once again stood up to our expectations in giving us the best version of the technology. With this information, I guess you are all pumped up to buy these Apple variants and why not, as these are some delectable pieces of technology.

Launch of iPhone 12
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