This Clever Case Helps Ensure You’ll Never Lose Your AirPods

Nowadays, it seems like you see a lot of people with Apple AirPods in their ears all over the place. It’s also likely that you’ve purchased AirPods yourself or are soon to do so this holiday season.

There’s a good reason for it — AirPods offer excellent sound quality in a lightweight wireless package that makes it easy to switch between enjoying your music and engaging with the outside world. But these high-tech earbuds cost a lot (though you can save 8 percent and snag AirPods for $229 here), and because they’re so little, they can be easy to misplace. So if you’ve got a pair that you love, you should also have an Air Fob AirPods Tracker.

Air Fob is a premium-quality silicone rubber case that protects your AirPods charging case from scratches and damage. But more importantly, it’s built with a Mu tag that securely links with the free Informu companion app to track where your AirPods are constantly. The tag is easily removable for quick charging on the included Mu charger, although it lasts for three weeks on just a 40-minute charge, making it sustainable and eco-friendly. If you ever get up and leave your AirPods behind, Air Fob will notify you and give you the exact location on a map so you can go back and retrieve them.

Apple AirPods are easy to misplace, but with Air Fob, they’re also easy to find again. Normally $45, you can get an Air Fob AirPods Tracker for 13% off now at just $38.99.

This Clever Case Helps Ensure You'll Never Lose Your AirPods

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