This Smart Strap Turns Your Apple Watch Into a Smarter Fitness Tracker

The Apple Watch is one of the coolest smart wearables in the market for the last few years. Carrying your phone on your wrist and accessing a slew of convenient features in moments is great for entrepreneurs that love to lead an active life. But where Apple Watch comes up short is as a fitness tracker. Fortunately, you can give your Apple Watch a fitness re-fit with the Aura Smart Strap.

The Aura Smart Strap is the ultimate fitness strap for Apple Watch. The Aura band has bioimpedance analysis that accurately measures the fat and muscle mass in your body, pairing with the Aura app to track body composition changes over time. The strap also tracks your hydration, so you know when it’s time to have another drink of water or when you’re running low on fuel during a workout. It also pairs with the Apple HealthKit app, helping you to understand all of its measured data and set goals, whether you’re training for a marathon or you’d like to shed a few pounds. Aura and Apple combined give you the power to take on any fitness goal.

The Aura Smart Strap runs for up to six months on a replaceable coin battery, is splash resistant for working out in the rain, and uses an ultrasound interface that connects to any Apple Watch, 38mm–40mm. Plus, it’s easily adjustable to fit any wrist.

Find out why the Aura Smart Strap has earned 9.1 stars on The Gadget Flow. Add an Aura Smart Strap to your Apple Watch for just $118.99 today. Get it for the 38mm–40mm watch in black or gray, and 42mm–44mm watch in black, gray, red, or green.

This Smart Strap Turns Your Apple Watch Into a Smarter Fitness Tracker

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