Top 5 Online Tools to Create Amazing Infographics for Beginners

Did you know that images are processed in the brain faster than words? That’s why infographic is one of the darlings of content marketing: It’s a great way to get information to your reader quickly. What’s more, it turns complex information into more compelling and easy-to-understand graphics.

Despite being more palatable content for our readers, it is a bit difficult to produce, requiring more time than a blog post. To help with this, an interesting way out is to use tools that come with ready-made templates.

If you want to create beautiful infographics but would like to save (money, work hours, photoshop license, etc.).

5 online tools for creating amazing infographics

#1 DesignCap


DesignCap is quite intuitive with a model using drag and drop, where you can select shapes, backgrounds and frames in an image bank and also choose from gorgeous sources to enter text. It is also available to upload images and files to customize your infographic further. Besides, DesignCap already offers some ready-made templates for inspiration. In addition to various templates for creating infographics, the site also has the feature for creating the poster, Facebook cover, Business card, logo, etc.


easelly is a tool for producing and publishing infographics, and offers many free, easily customizable templates. With 732 templates available, you can modify the infographics suggestions according to your demand. You just need to click and change all text and images, as well as upload your images or your company logo. Interestingly, everything can be customized, from text to background, through the file name and the objects inserted in the infographic. Once done, you can embed the infographic, share it on social networks, or save to JPEG.


infogram is a free tool that gives you access to a wide variety of charts and maps. It also makes it possible to upload photos and videos to create interactive infographics. In the free plan, there are 37+ interactive charts types that can be customized. Here the focus is on working with tables and numbers. This way, you can tabulate data in Excel, for example, upload it to and turn it into a different and unique infographic.

#4 Piktochart


Piktochart is an infographic and presentation authoring tool that makes turning boring data into cool infographics very easy. Piktochart’s customizable editor gives you plenty of creative possibilities, such as modifying color schemes and fonts, inserting preloaded graphics, and loading basic shapes and images. In addition, its editor is made for easy resizing of elements and images. But you need to hire one of the plans starting at $ 29.00.


visually also works as a repository of great works. On this site you can find amazing infographics, which are shared for inspiration. But the great fun is creating infographics based on your behavior on Twitter or Facebook. It is possible to connect using your data on these social networks and create infographics about yourself or the pages you manage. At last,you can saveto PDF and share it with friends. No doubt, you will be impressed by the amount of data and information you produce on social networks without even realizing it.


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