7 Tools to Help Your Company Work Remotely in the COVID-Era

The world economy is crashing rapidly in the heat of coronavirus pandemic, making life very difficult for small-business owners. Even if your business hasn’t felt the cash crunch yet, handling a remote team from home can be extremely complicated. As such, we’ve rounded up some great tools that can help any small-business owner lead their workforce from home.

7 Tools to Help Your Company Work Remotely

Goals by KeepSolid Business Plan


Goals by KeepSolid is a project management platform developed by the award-winning developers of VPN Unlimited. This ultra-secure software allows your team to collaborate seamlessly online. You can create different teams, schedule, and track your team’s tasks, plan sprints and even use the mind map maker tool to keep everyone fully aligned.

Get a lifetime subscription of Goals by KeepSolid Business Plan for $49.99.

CashNotify Pro


Does your business accept payments through PayPal or Stripe? CashNotify Pro will let you manage multiple Stripe and PayPal accounts from a single dashboard, taking a lot of the stress and pressure off your teams by giving them a single dashboard to track all incoming money.

Get CashNotify Pro for $19.99.

Email Skript


It’s very difficult to collaborate on every bulk email campaign your business sends during the quarantine. Fortunately, Email Skript allows you to seamlessly generate automated scripts for a wide variety of aims, from promotions to abandoned cart emails, simplifying the ideation process.

Get a lifetime subscription of Email Skript for $39.99.

PassCamp Password Manager


One of the most difficult things about collaborating remotely is accessing company or team accounts. With PassCamp, you can assign privileges easily so everyone can access passwords for all the accounts they need in one place.

Get a lifetime subscription of PassCamp Password Manager for $49.99.

Fiskl Mobile Invoicing App


Coordinating invoicing efforts and ensuring your business gets paid on time is a challenge at any time. Help your team out with Fiskl. This smart app helps you create and send invoices to clients automatically and lets them pay you securely through their mobile device. It even tracks your expenses and budget to help out your accounting team.

Get 2 year subscription of Fiskl Mobile Invoicing App for $39.99.

Focuster Productivity App


Focuster is a productivity app specially designed to help you work more effectively and efficiently, so you can get more work done in less time and capitalize upon the tasks you complete. This tool helps you prioritize your work, auto-plan them in your calendar, utilize smart reminders, keep track of your progress, and much more. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Get a lifetime subscription of Focuster Productivity App for $59.

Pinstriped Meeting Tool


Pinstriped is a premium meeting tool designed to keep your meetings structured, on-task, and action-oriented. You just have to schedule the meeting, prepare an agenda, and let Pinstriped streamlines the entire process by recording actions and decisions and giving you the power to share content and action-items in just a click. With Pinstriped Premium Plan you can have an unlimited number of secure meetings. Pinstriped helps you host action-oriented meetings that stay on task and produce greater results.

Get a lifetime subscription of Pinstriped Meeting Tool Premium Plan for $29.99.

Final Words

The bottom line: Keep calm. Panic is contagious, but so is courage, and by using these apps, you’ll be better equipped to lead through tumultuous times.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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